Planet Miura

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Planet Miura
Planet Miura.jpg

Owner GmgLogo.png Gas Miners Guild
Location 5E, Okinawa
Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Technical information
Population 220,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 12,803 km
Mass 6.27 x 10e23 kg
Temperature -62°C to 3°C
Escape velocity 12.08 km/sec

Miura is an arctic Planet with massive pure water glaciers and vast Oceans, most of which are permanently frozen over. Only in sporadic locations where geothermal activity forces heat to the surface does surface water stay liquid. These narrow areas are oases of life on the Planet, where algae, invertebrates and even primitive fish-like lifeforms have evolved. The harsh arctic climate has caused no life to evolve outside of the oceans - there are no plants or land animals in Miura's natural ecology. Despite this, the planet does possess a breathable atmosphere, provided the air is heated before being inhaled.

The Blood Dragons were the first to discover the Planet in 688 A.S, but realised the climate made it unsuitable for settling. Initial studies suggested the climate could be adjusted, given enough resources, but the Blood Dragons did not have the means for such a massive undertaking. Almost half a century later in 760 AS, a Gas Miners Guild (GMG) scouting party arrived in the system. When the survey of the system was completed, the Gas Miners Guild immediately founded a Colony on Miura in order to stake a claim on the Planet. Construction of the Fujisawa and Isehara facilities started not soon afterwards. The Gas Miners Guild claim to the system was never contested by Kusari.

The GMG initiated a terraforming project on Miura in 780 AS, aimed at raising the planet's average temperature by at least 20 degrees. The efforts are expected to turn the planet into an oceanic world, not unlike Honshu, over the course of the next century by releasing greenhouse gases. This would cause sea levels to rise accordingly however, and the GMG's settlements on the planet are located around a single large mining colony where sizable amounts of Uranium-rich ore have been found, safe from the projected sea level. The Isehara refinery in orbit produces Plutonium - one of the active components in MOX fuel - from Uranium shuttled from the surface.

In order to reduce labor costs and the risk to their own people, the GMG has contracts with several police forces, offering the Miura mines as a "correctional" facility for prisoners sentenced to hard labor. The Kusari State Police and Liberty Police, Inc. both make use of Miura in this fashion, mainly sending convicted Terrorists in the hope they will never return. For the GMG, the Prisoners have been a source of cheap labor, although their efficiency leaves a lot to be desired. The GMG have also refused to accept suspected Blood Dragon or Golden Chrysanthemum convicts, citing it does not want to give these groups more reason to attack the Miura facilities. Between the prison population, the terraforming teams and various civilian settlements on Miura, the planet now has a population of roughly 220,000 people, a number that is expected to steadily increase as the climate improves.

After the successful acquisition of Planet Kurile, the Gas Miner's Guild has begun to apply the native Alien Organisms to the Planet Miura, accelerating the Terraforming of the frigid world greatly. The introduction of Kurile's organisms has already sped up the process, with two large gaps in Miura's frigid oceans thawing in early 825 AS. The Gas Miner's Guild expects this accelerated change of the climate to advance the project by several decades, with a projected completion date around 850 AS.

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