Planet New London

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Planet New London
Planet New London.jpg

Owner Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia Police Authority
Location 6D, New London
Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Technical information
Population 14,100,000,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 10,723 km
Mass 4.90 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -46°C to 43°C
Escape velocity 10.27 km/sec

Shrouded in an almost perpetual fog, not helped by the constant drizzling rain, the heart of Bretonia is Planet New London, with its capital city and seat of government bearing the same name. Colonised in 19 A.S., the vast majority of the Bretonian aristocracy lives here, although even the poorest citizen lives in relative comfort and security. A large majority of New London's population works to support Bretonia's obscenely large bureaucratic system, an almost impenetrable network of obscure titles, government offices and paperwork.

Most of the New Londoners are a dour and cynical sort, no doubt enhanced by the miserable weather, what with the fog and the acid rain, not to mention the atmospheric pollutants from the unregulated heavy industry used extensively in the formative years of the colony. Nevertheless, New London is a considered to be a desirable place to live, and attracts countless tourists and immigrants, with the planetary population currently estimated at a respectable 14.1 billion.

All of the major Bretonian corporations have offices on New London, including Bowex and Gateway. The Bretonia Police Authority's central headquarters is here, but the Bretonian Armed Forces only have recruitment outlets on the Planet, as their administrative and operational headquarters lies in the Salisbury system.

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Base Construction Platform
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Armored Transport
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Asteroid Minor