Planet Primus

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Planet Primus
Planet Primus.jpg

Owner Gammu Artificial Intelligence
Location 5C/5D, Omicron Kappa
Nomad Worlds
Technical information
Population Unknown
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 13,146 km
Mass 5.81 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -32°C to 25°C
Escape velocity 11.8 km/sec

Primus was discovered by a privately financed deep space recon expedition in 490 A.S. At first, the explorers were amazed by various weird wildlife species inhabiting the planet, and the lack of any large plants. Air was fine for breathing, and soon several thousands of colonists settled the planet. Yet the colony suffered dozens of unexplained deaths within the first few years after it's establishment. The colonists conducted further research into the phenomenon, eventually discovering that strong radiation sources inside the planet were harmful to human life. The colony was scheduled to be evacuated, but the evacuation transports never arrived, as the transports were destroyed by unknown alien ships. Afterwards, aliens (that were later called Nomads) took the system under their control, and Primus became unreachable for humans. All communication with the planet was lost around 550 A.S.

When contact was reestablished several decades later, it became apparant that after the fall of human establishment on the planet due to radiation, AIs from the neighbouring planet, Gammu, had settled in the abandoned colonies previously used by humans, to use various resources found on the planet surface to help maintain and upgrade their facilities on Gammu.

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