Planet Tangier

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Planet Tangier
Planet Tangier.jpg

Owner Hessianlogo.png Red Hessians
Location 3D, Omega-47
Edge Worlds
Technical information
Population 5,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial/Volcanic
Diameter 9,260 km
Mass 4.52 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -36°C to 10°C
Escape velocity 7.73 km/sec

Planet Tangier is a young, terrestrial planet orbiting its sun at a considerable distance. It is a cold world with barely enough atmosphere to support life and still largely burning under its moderately thin crust. The Planet has hundreds of active volcanoes and massive earthquakes that frequently decimate areas along the Planet’s faultlines. The main attraction of Tangier lies in its moderate, but easily accessible mineral deposits of Iron, Aluminum and Magnesium which are mined and sent up to the Viernheim Base for processing.

Tangier had previously been surveyed by the Corsairs before falling under Red Hessian control after the Casablanca offensive of 811 AS. In 816 A.S. multiple small expeditions were launched to the planet in order to occupy existing and construct new mining facilities with plans made to construct a docking ring in orbit to ease the supplying of Food and Water and the bring up of raw minerals.

By 824 AS, after eight years of difficult work, the docking ring of Planet Tangier became active allowing the population of roughly 5,000 miners to enjoy consistent resupply and potentially open the more stable areas to be further colonised.

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Medium Miner
Red Hessian Gunboat
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