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[09.09.2019 06:29:24] DHC-Unstrut: ?: For now, this is my stop, shift end... time to hand the old girl off!
[09.09.2019 06:29:24] DHC-Unstrut: ?: For now, this is my stop, shift end... time to hand the old girl off!
[09.09.2019 06:29:30] 2019-09-09 06:29:30 SMT  Traffic control alert: DHC-Unstrut has requested to dock
[09.09.2019 06:29:40] Unmistakable: RP: alright captain, what is yours so i know you next time?
[09.09.2019 06:29:40] Unmistakable: RP: alright captain, what is yours so i know you next time?
[09.09.2019 06:30:14] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Name's Hemmeler. Employee number D0.G-SR7654
[09.09.2019 06:30:14] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Name's Hemmeler. Employee number D0.G-SR7654
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[09.09.2019 05:58:45] DHC-Unstrut: RO: Guten Tag

[09.09.2019 06:02:10] Unmistakable: Hello there, for before

[09.09.2019 06:02:23] DHC-Unstrut: RO: Guten Tag again. You're not following me are you, freelancer?

[09.09.2019 06:02:24] Unmistakable: In a hurry as each trader does so, all good

[09.09.2019 06:03:01] Unmistakable: Seeking if you need some company, without any radio contact is annoying since all you think about is money *laughs*

[09.09.2019 06:03:34] DHC-Unstrut: ?: I wouldn't say I *just* think about money...

[09.09.2019 06:03:48] DHC-Unstrut: ?: But who is gonna complain about getting paid? *chuckles*

[09.09.2019 06:03:54] Unmistakable: *chuckles* say, need a escorter, free of charge

[09.09.2019 06:04:29] DHC-Unstrut: ?: You're certainly welcome to tag along, Freelancer.

[09.09.2019 06:04:37] DHC-Unstrut: ?: But I warn you, mine is a boring and quiet route!

[09.09.2019 06:05:14] Unmistakable: all good as long gets me something do then just flying around been bored to dust if get i mean

[09.09.2019 06:05:28] Unmistakable: *gives a cheekie smile while talkin*

[09.09.2019 06:05:40] DHC-Unstrut: ?: *chuckles* You should try flying one of these beasts... always something to do when your ship has the momentum of a moon

[09.09.2019 06:06:14] Unmistakable: all.. good

[09.09.2019 06:06:19] Unmistakable: Rather small

[09.09.2019 06:06:35] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Wrestling these beasts, that'll keep you awake *laughs*

[09.09.2019 06:06:50] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Hmmm... best be careful with that little ship of yours though. Don't get caught by the law!

[09.09.2019 06:07:02] Unmistakable: oh sorry, wheres my manners, Names Robert, Robert the Freelancer Escorter

[09.09.2019 06:07:33] Unmistakable: Yea, about that... "worrying about the law" i am aware sadly i need some help getting some permits since..

[09.09.2019 06:08:04] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Well, yes... I'd recognize that cloak EM-Signature anywhere. Rheinlandic invention, you know.

[09.09.2019 06:08:15] Unmistakable: none.. sadly really likes giving me taskes to help them out at times.. which i at times dont get.. *Rubs head*

[09.09.2019 06:08:50] Unmistakable: yea I am pre aware, I did look at my history of the war that happen a few decides ago.. *as strenches head* Yea?

[09.09.2019 06:08:53] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Well, Rheinland is notorious autarkic. We like to stand on our own, so to speak.

[09.09.2019 06:09:06] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Yes, despite the circumstances... fine bit of engineering!

[09.09.2019 06:09:20] Unmistakable: oorp: ROFL as you landed a npc died from planet

[09.09.2019 06:09:33] DHC-Unstrut: lol ye they do that

[09.09.2019 06:09:37] DHC-Unstrut: its better than it used to be though

[09.09.2019 06:09:50] DHC-Unstrut: used to be, you could hang out in hattan orbit, make 30m/hr just from drops xd

[09.09.2019 06:09:58] Unmistakable: she indeed was aldou i did got it from an Freeport in the Galieo system

[09.09.2019 06:10:18] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Hmmm. Well, as long as you don't get caught. Really ought to get yourself a licence

[09.09.2019 06:10:30] DHC-Unstrut: ?: To be clear, if the law stops us... I didn't know about it. I can't afford to lose my job!

[09.09.2019 06:11:02] Unmistakable: yea.. I need somewhat help with the govamenet since i know they are aware of it only their own ships..

[09.09.2019 06:11:35] Unmistakable: but I dont really use it for Pirating just if i get in a stickie spot i can able get out without been much seen.. *voice drops*

[09.09.2019 06:11:40] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Though I believe you can get a licence. Not sure how... hardly something your average transport captain has need of!

[09.09.2019 06:12:13] Unmistakable: didnt mean to trade u miss pressed a key, was m eant to be y not u

[09.09.2019 06:12:22] DHC-Unstrut: its cool xd

[09.09.2019 06:12:37] Unmistakable: yea i am aware, sadly The Laws dont really like giving me a job hunting their pirates for some strange reason ..

[09.09.2019 06:12:40] 2019-09-09 06:12:40 SMT Traffic control alert: DHC-Unstrut has requested to dock

[09.09.2019 06:13:16] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Well, I'm told that bounty hunting is a profitable business, even in Rheinland... perhaps that's a good place to start?

[09.09.2019 06:13:18] Unmistakable: All i was doing was flying around and some reason they dont like it even before i got the Tech item..

[09.09.2019 06:13:37] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Don't need a licence for that. Not that I know the details, hardly my concern. If it isn't cargo...

[09.09.2019 06:13:39] Unmistakable: I rather stay unknown to those around me Captain, since its what i feel safe doing

[09.09.2019 06:14:05] Unmistakable: Stay unknown - Been a freelancer yet not having its IFF

[09.09.2019 06:14:12] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Lets see here... manifest says we're going to Koeln

[09.09.2019 06:14:33] Unmistakable: Which ever you like *gives a warm smile*

[09.09.2019 06:14:37] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Understandable, though given Rheinlands tradition of noting everything, lists and tables and databases *chuckles*

[09.09.2019 06:14:53] Unmistakable: Dont remind me *as softly rolls their eyes*

[09.09.2019 06:15:20] DHC-Unstrut: ?: It keeps us safe enough. And for all the difficulties our house has, we are free-er than most!

[09.09.2019 06:15:50] Unmistakable: yea.. I thought that was a myth, but since i did my studies on it after.. *then pauses*

[09.09.2019 06:16:13] Unmistakable: *matters as resumes* my accident..

[09.09.2019 06:16:23] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Accident?

[09.09.2019 06:16:49] Unmistakable: *rubs head* an accident i had a few years ago..

[09.09.2019 06:17:56] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Well, believe it or not, having that on your record isnt such a bad thing. Social payments, after all...

[09.09.2019 06:18:08] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Libertonians will tell you they are the most liberal. Absolute nonsense!

[09.09.2019 06:18:23] Unmistakable: Liberal... ah yes.. i am aware

[09.09.2019 06:18:39] Unmistakable: Funny i say this cause, the other month, i was asked by an LN Captain of some Carrier one time..

[09.09.2019 06:18:54] Unmistakable: they want me to hunt out the Lane hackers for them, which i decline due to not a thing i like

[09.09.2019 06:19:10] Unmistakable: things i mainly like is company,Escorting and really.. Exploring

[09.09.2019 06:19:38] Unmistakable: aldou i do like living on edge but not to edgie it will lead to my ship explode.. *then matters* For second time..

[09.09.2019 06:19:55] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Should get yourself the new generation of auto-ejector pods!

[09.09.2019 06:20:19] Unmistakable: haha, always do when i get a new one from my Ship insurence Company

[09.09.2019 06:20:20] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Fantastic piece of tech. We've got them onboard... we can evacuate the whole crew in just thirty seconds or so. Never lost-

[09.09.2019 06:20:39] Unmistakable: freaking hell formation

[09.09.2019 06:20:40] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Anyone yet. A few ships, though. Then again, Hessians... well they like seeing Daumann ships blow up

[09.09.2019 06:21:01] Unmistakable: Yea i know.. i been seeing on the news about those

[09.09.2019 06:21:09] Unmistakable: Has been quiet a few in the last week matter of fact

[09.09.2019 06:21:38] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Speak for yourself. We've only recently returned from Leeds... absolute mess!

[09.09.2019 06:21:46] Unmistakable: he has 320m on him yet on his bank he has nearly 2B

[09.09.2019 06:22:17] Unmistakable: Probly was the other lot, cause all i heard was the Daumanns

[09.09.2019 06:22:37] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Ja, we were there in force. Thousands of our ships...

[09.09.2019 06:22:48] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Were it not such a humanitarian disaster, it would have been somehow beautiful.

[09.09.2019 06:22:49] Unmistakable: Is there a possible way we can in future do some work so i can work on getting some permits for this thing i has

[09.09.2019 06:23:32] Unmistakable: cause, its really not for any threats work, i am not into pirating work just helping out transporters and living my life

[09.09.2019 06:23:39] DHC-Unstrut: ?: I mean I don't know about permits, not really my job-pervue, but if you want work? I can get you in touch with our -

[09.09.2019 06:23:40] Unmistakable: *as gives a rub on his neck again*

[09.09.2019 06:23:49] DHC-Unstrut: ? - security chief, Im sure he can give you plety of work!

[09.09.2019 06:23:59] Unmistakable: that be nice,

[09.09.2019 06:24:23] Unmistakable: its just i dont want the Rhienlanders knowing i stole their cloaks yet i found it on a Galileo base who

[09.09.2019 06:24:34] Unmistakable: was selling one for around.. 100 Mill Solar Creds

[09.09.2019 06:24:38] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Well, his name is Hans Meier - if you contact him over the neural net, I can certainly vouch for your escort services!

[09.09.2019 06:25:02] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Ja, that is not something you want to be spreading around. Theft is bad enough, but someone who might come looking...

[09.09.2019 06:25:08] Unmistakable: Well, normaly I ask for upto Five mill per 10 times we jump a system

[09.09.2019 06:25:08] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Makes the Polizei nervous *chuckles*

[09.09.2019 06:25:48] Unmistakable: But since i think you are on a tight deadline its all good *gives a friendly nod and smile at same time*

[09.09.2019 06:26:21] Unmistakable: Might infourm them when you can they are aware that they might get a tranmission someday about me seeking to help out

[09.09.2019 06:26:23] Unmistakable: and what not..

[09.09.2019 06:26:55] DHC-Unstrut: ?: I'll give them the headsup, though Im not sure anyone actually reads our reports *chuckles*. contact Herr maier on the -

[09.09.2019 06:27:03] DHC-Unstrut: - neural net, Im sure he can find you something!

[09.09.2019 06:27:09] Unmistakable: sure

[09.09.2019 06:27:21] DHC-Unstrut: ?: And most transport captains I know are usually happy for an escort. There's always good work along the trade arteries and -

[09.09.2019 06:27:26] DHC-Unstrut: - at the omega mining operations.

[09.09.2019 06:27:52] DHC-Unstrut: gonna have to dock out here at next stop for a bit

[09.09.2019 06:27:55] Unmistakable: well, normaly for scoutting i ask for two Million but, since I feel generous with your help, its free to a point *gives a smile

[09.09.2019 06:27:59] Unmistakable: kks

[09.09.2019 06:28:28] DHC-Unstrut: ?: *chuckles* Well, Im grateful. This route isn't exactly a money maker, I'm not by far the best paid captain in the fleet!

[09.09.2019 06:28:51] Unmistakable: Also heres my Contract code if you want to contact, *gives a contract card*

[09.09.2019 06:29:10] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Ah, danke. That's received, I'll pass it on to my supervisor.

[09.09.2019 06:29:14] Unmistakable: case I aren't around and you got infomation for me about escorting for the DHC..

[09.09.2019 06:29:24] DHC-Unstrut: ?: For now, this is my stop, shift end... time to hand the old girl off!

[09.09.2019 06:29:40] Unmistakable: RP: alright captain, what is yours so i know you next time?

[09.09.2019 06:30:14] DHC-Unstrut: ?: Name's Hemmeler. Employee number D0.G-SR7654

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