Renzu Shipyards

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Renzu Shipyards
Chiba class Shipyard
Renzu Shipyards.png
Interspace Commerce
6E, Shikoku
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 620

The Renzu Shipyards are a joint venture between an upstart Kusari company and Interspace. Renzu is mostly known for the successful "Anki" class freighter, and the popular "Wasupu" fighter. When the company realised Kusari nature is to favor their own ship designs, they proposed the development of a large luxuary liner. However, this meant the Renzu corporation would need a shipyard capable of producing ships of this size, as they could not be built planetside like their smaller ships.

Interspace was willing to invest in the project, and the Renzu yards were built between 813 and 816. Strangely, the Hogosha were among the first clients of Renzu. The second Shukensha-class liner built has since been operated by them as a mobile casino. Aside from their signature Liner, the Renzu yard is capable of building and servicing most civilian ships. Thus far, the relatively small and remote yard has not had a shortage of customers, although who these customers are is anyone's guess.

Missions Offered

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Dsy renzu shf.png
Renzu Bomber
Dsy renzu fr.png
Renzu Freighter
Ind liner.png
Renzu Liner