Sam Lonnigan

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Sam Lonnigan
Sam Lonnigan.jpeg
Origin Unknown, presumably Liberty or Kusari
Affiliation Unknown, presumably Samura
Born Unknown
Died 800 AS

Sam Lonnigan is one of the survivors of the infamous destruction of Freeport 7. It is rumored that he was there to close a million credit worth Boron deal with one Edison Trent. He was transported to a medical facility on Planet Manhattan, from where he inexplicably escaped, and was subsequently the subject of a manhunt. It turned out the Liberty government suspected that he was the person behind the name Casper Orillion, which they presumed to be his alias. The details of the whole incident are very unclear. He was last seen on the surface of Planet Manhattan being chased by men in Liberty Security Force uniforms, being reported as having been killed on the Liberty News Network shortly after.