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| nickname =  
| nickname =  
| image = Sigma-15.jpg
| image = Sigma-15.jpg
| government =
| region = Border Worlds
| region = Border Worlds
| neighbors = [[Frankfurt]]<br/>[[Munich]]<br/>[[Omicron Rho]]<br/>[[Sigma-21]]<br/>
| neighbors = [[Frankfurt]]<br/>[[Munich]]<br/>[[Omicron Rho]]<br/>[[Sigma-21]]<br/>
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| trade-factions =
| trade-factions =
* [[ALG Waste Disposal]]
* [[Bounty Hunters Guild]]
* [[Bounty Hunters Guild]]
* [[ALG Waste Disposal]]
* [[Zoners]]
| unlawful-factions =  
| unlawful-factions =  
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{{Planet|Hammersee|Inhabited -- [[Rheinland Police]]|Hammersee.png}}
{{Planet|Hammersee|Inhabited -- [[Rheinland Police]]|Hammersee.png}}
{{Planet|Planet Baltrum|uninhabited|Planet Baltrum.jpg}}
{{Planet|Planet Baltrum|Uninhabited|Planet Baltrum.jpg}}
{{Planet|Planet Juist|uninhabited|Planet Juist.jpg}}
{{Planet|Planet Juist|Uninhabited|Planet Juist.jpg}}

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Governing House Independent
Region Border Worlds
Omicron Rho

No description available.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Medium White

  • TYPE: G8
  • COLOR: White
  • MASS: 2.00 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.85 x 10e7 km

Red Dwarf

  • TYPE: M6
  • COLOR: Red
  • MASS: 1.45 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 0.92 x 10e7 km
Planet Baltrum.jpg
Planet Baltrum
Planet Juist.jpg
Planet Juist

  • None
  • Nordsee Cloud
  • Scharhorn Asteroid Field
Industrial Development
Faction Presence
Lawful Factions
Corporations & Guilds
Unlawful Factions

System Map

Areas of Interest


Nordsee Cloud


A large but distant wisp of the Crow Nebula. Visibility is negligible, and while the Corsairs are believed to base from here, practically every belligerent group inhabiting Sigma-15 has successfully used the scanner-inhibiting dust and gases to lay a fatal trap for an unwary foe.

Asteroid Fields

Scharhorn Asteroid Field

A large asteroid field in the Sigma-15 system. Rheinland has not released any information to Hammersee's public regarding what resources if any lie within. It does, however, warn any civilian traffic against entering the field due to a large number of Bundschuh evidently calling it their home.


Bochum Wreck

Newly constructed in 824 A.S., Bochum was hastily thrown together by Kruger in an effort to help legitimize Rheinland operations and authority in Sigma-15. While the rapid funding and construction of the Facility threw expected efficiency and budgets off by some margin. Bochum was fully operational in 825 A.S. , handling both mineral processing from nearby Hammersee and Fuel processing from Gas Miners in the Nordsee.

A location of strategic importance to the Rheinland War effort, Bochum was the target of Kusari's first real victory in the Second Sigma Conflict. Despite continued losses against Rheinland in fleet to fleet combat. Kusari's forces proved to be more mobile owning to their offensive posture. Using this to their advantage to cause a breakdown in Rheinland OPSEC, Kempeitai forces launched lightning strikes consisting of Gunships and Fighter Wings against Mecklenburg, the Bayern and the Frankfurt Jump Hole for several days until communication had deteriorated and Military forces were too focused on putting out fires to see the big picture. Amidst the chaos, an unmanned, captured Oder Gunship packed with thermonuclear Warheads slipped through the typically stringent security of Bochum's airspace and came alongside one of the Refinery's Mooring Fixtures, placing the entirety of the Station withinh the no-survive radius before the Warheads were remotly detonated. All hands were lost in the ensuimg blast, placing the final death toll at roughly ten thousand souls.

The destruction of Bochum has led to a growing anti Kusari sentiment among the Officers and Pilots of the Rheinland Military, citing the offensive as stare decisis for an underhanded and dishonorable doctrine followed by a Nation they once deemed worthy of respect.

The Wreck of Bochum Refinery

Jump Gates/Holes

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