Skye Base

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Skye Base
Barnes class Asteroid Base
Skye Base.jpg
GaiansLogo.png Gaians
7D, Newcastle
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 280

Concealed deep within the Northumberland Ice Cloud, Skye Base was constructed by the Gaians to help expand their movement’s reach. Despite being the second Gaian base to ever be contructed, Skye spent first two decades of its existance as a rather small and insignificant outpost. However, with the Gallic Royal Navy advancing into Edinburgh, and the subsequent lockdown of Islay, the Gaians found themselves deprived of a safe heaven for their families and other non-combatants.

Skye’s secluded location and relative lack of local threats, with even Bounty Hunters rarely venturing deep into the field, quickly caught the attention of many Gaian cells. As the base's, potential living space was largely untapped, offered by the sheer size of the asteroid it was carved into, it became a prime candidate for a new, secluded home for Gaian civilians, The previously quiet and undisturbed outpost suddenly saw a large influx of personel from many cells in the movement, working together on expanding and upgrading the base, soon turning it into the largest installation operated by the Gaians to date.

Nowadays, Skye is a major population centre of the Gaians, housing living blocks, labs and even small manufacturing plants, using stolen parts to produce small amounts of civilian craft for combat use. Most of the base is off-limits to majority of outsiders, with security being tight in and around the visitors’ area.

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Cv fighter.png
Light Fighter
Cv vheavy fighter.png
Very Heavy Fighter