The Wild

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This is an NPC faction. For the associated player factions, see Aoi Iseijin and Das Wilde. For rules particular to this faction see The Wild ID

The Wild
Wild Glyph.png
Origin Flag-nomads3.png Nomads
Alignment Nomads
Date of founding 800 A.S.
Founder(s) Slomon K'Hara
Current leader(s) Wesen, Ketara Ihnoshi
Base of operations Rockhome, Heaven's Gate
Primary role
Subverting humanity toward the Nomads' goals
Secondary role
Acquiring data on Daam K'Vosh artifacts

The Wild is a general term referring to all humans controlled by Nomad incubi. Though primarily comprised of Aoi Iseijin and Das Wilde, infected humans operate in all corners of Sirius, biding their time and subtly enforcing the will of the Nomads.


While initially all humans controlled by the Nomads worked in close unison, since the end of the Nomad War their purposes and methods have diversified greatly. Within Kusari, Aoi Iseijin stalks the shadows, its existence hardly known at all, while in Rheinland all know to fear the sirens warning of a raid by Das Wilde's Scorpion drones. In Bretonia, key figures have been infected, using the bureaucracy as a shield, and their power to acquire artifacts recovered. In Liberty, spies work their way through the corporate and political structure, searching for clues to the whereabouts of Valhalla One. The reach of the Nomads stretches quite far, and the Wild are their eyes, ears, and knives within Sirius. The Wild are characterized by their patience (in addition, of course, to the condition that identifies them), and their operations are often slow enough so as not to draw attention. Even Das Wilde has a subtlety to its blatantly public terror raids, using them to avert suspicion from their primary objectives.


Flavorarrow.pngMain article: Nomad War

The first infected humans were from a team of Rheinland explorers who ventured too far into the deep Omicrons and awoke the Nomads from their slumber. When they returned, they brought with them the first generation of Nomad Incubi which proceeded to move through Rheinland's military and political structures, eventually controlling both at the head. From Rheinland, they spread out across the colonies through diplomatic meetings, though the one that would have claimed Liberty's president Barbara Jacobi was thwarted by the Order. Bretonia was mostly untouched by their spread, being farthest from their point of origin, but the other houses fell to their control without much resistance- though Kusari was almost entirely freed of the Nomads' grasp in a single battle, the Battle of Heaven's Gate. After the war was over, the Order hunted down many known agents, but those that survived hid and waited. The military forces controlled by the Nomads regrouped in Omega-55 and at Heaven's Gate, becoming known as the Wild to the few that knew of their presence. In 816 A.S., the Wild returned to the forefront with a series of lightning raids on civilian and military targets in the Omegas and Rheinland, replenishing their stock of Rheinland craft. Named Das Wilde, that being German for 'the Wild', they continued to wreak havoc across southern Sirius. The military forces in Kusari, now called Aoi Iseijin, took longer to recover, and have still not truly returned to the open. They move in secret, using Kusari's strong traditions of honor to shield knowledge of their presence.


Faction Relationship
The Order
At War
The Phantom Empire
At War
At War
The Outcasts
The Hellfire Legion
Slomon K'Hara

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