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Tohoku System

Tohoku is a remote system on the outskirts of the Kusari Empire. A largely desolate system, but still a place of beauty, splendor, and mystery. The system lacks any planets, but possesses several large asteroids which may have once been one (or several) planets which broke apart or collided. Built into the largest of these is the Tohoku Planetary Arch, better known as Heaven's Gate, the main landmark of the system.

The Arch was once the private retreat of Kusari nobility, most notably Governor Tekagi. During the Nomad War, the system was the site of a key battle between the Blood Dragons and the Order and the Nomad-infested elements of the Kusari Naval Forces. In the aftermath, the system was largely abandoned until the discovery of the Omicron Delta system.

A jumphole in an adjacent, unnamed system lead to Omicron Delta, turning Tohoku into a shortcut for the Zoners of Freeport 11 and Kusari. However, in early 817 A.S. the Jumphole collapsed and the route to Omicron Delta was cut off.

The Blood Dragons, Golden Chrysanthemums and Farmers Alliance use the system as a route to reach Okinawa and Nagano.

The Luxury Liner Rhodes is one of the only civilian vessels which regularly braves the system, offering guided tours through the dangerous region.

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