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* [[Corsairs]]
* [[Corsairs]]
==Bribes Offered==
==Bribes Offered==
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[[Category: Omicron Gamma]]
[[Category: Corsairs]]
[[Category: Corsairs]]

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Tripoli Shipyard
Fundamento class Shipyard
Tripoli Shipyard.jpg
Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
6D, Omicron Gamma
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Crew 480

In the earliest days of the Corsair raids on the houses, many bases and ships did not have any kind of defenses or escort at all. While the most common Corsair tactic was to pillage whatever they could carry back home and leave the rest as wreckage, some of their more bold raids boarded and took over entire ships. The Corsairs didn't have much use for unarmed transports once their cargo had been transferred, so they were set adrift in Omicron Gamma. The Corsairs realised that these ships themselves could be a valuable source of materials if they could be stripped down, and set out to build a space-based facility for this purpose. At the time, the Corsairs did not posess the technology or resources to build an entire base from scratch, so they improvised, hollowing out a largest asteroid in the Tenerife asteroid field.

Tripoli Shipyard, as it came to be known, spent the next two centuries doing what it was built to do, that is to strip down captured ships, send whatever material is worth saving to Crete, to be used in the construction of more fighters, and eject the worthless chunks into the Tenerife field. This debris, mostly large sheets of twisted hull plating, settled around the station.

Tripoli's role changed slowly in the last century, as the Corsairs started to experiment with larger ships that could not be built on Crete. The yard was expanded, a large construction moor added, and the base's role changed from salvage yard to ship production. Currently, it handles the construction of midsized ships, but it can repair ships of any size.

Missions Offered

Bribes Offered




Corsair Gunboat
Corsair Transport
Corsair Train