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[[Category: Independent Systems]]
[[Category: Independent Systems]]
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[[Category: Nomads]]

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Unknown Object
Alien class Station
Unknown Station.png
Flag-nomads3.png Nomads
7C, Inverness
Technical Data
Gravity Unknown
Docking bays Unknown
Amenities Unknown
Crew Unknown

A hollow structure made of an unknown material. Nomad Hives similar to this can be found in dangerously remote or far-flung locations around the sector, each sharing the same disk-like shape and containing a variety of smaller chambers. A mysterious font of energy appears to be at its core.

This hive’s proximity to the colonies of Bretonia and Liberty place it in an extraordinarily precarious situation. As the only one of its kind known to exist within the boundaries of human civilization, this hive allows the Nomads and their thralls to conduct reconnaissance deep into heart of human territory.

Activity around the structure seems lesser than other hives, suggesting a degree of uncertainty in its position or perhaps due to its relatively younger age.

Missions Offered

Bribes Offered