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(Ship Status)
(Ship Status)
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| {{Faction Diplomacy/begin|IFF Fraction| Ship Rep Status}}
| {{Faction Diplomacy/begin|IFF Fraction| Ship Rep Status}}
{{FD | Humans | 0 | Unknown}}
{{FD | Humans | 0 | Neutral}}
{{FD | Infections | 0 | Unknown}}
{{FD | Infections | 0 | Unknown}}
{{FD | Nomads | 0 | Unknown}}
{{FD | [[Primary Artificial Intelligence|Roberts]] | -0.55 | Unfriendly}}
{{FD | [[Primary Artificial Intelligence|Roberts]] | -0.55 | Unfriendly}}
{{FD | Nomads | -0.9 | Hostile}}
{{Faction Diplomacy/end}}
{{Faction Diplomacy/end}}

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Ship Class Very Heavy Fighter
Built by Freelancer
Technical information
Guns/Turrets 6 / 0
Cruise Disruptor

Reinforced Cruise Distruptor



Hull strength 12,400 (x2.5)
Shield strength 11 038
Cargo space 75 units
Nanobots/Batteries 65/65
Max. impulse speed 80 m/s
Max. thrust speed 199 m/s
Power output 13,400 u
Power recharge 1300
This is a player owned ship.

Ship History

The Unmistakable ship was an unquie ship, due to the ship was given to Vaugrenard by an unknown person from to his unknown released date in 824 from Liberty Capital Planet, Planet Manhattan Medical Center shortly after he walked himself out the door hours after awakening up from his sleep. The ship was shortly found a couple of times flying around the planet Orbit, but nothing to threaten to anyone of the locals, the laws or pose even a threat to any of the pirates within the System and the boarder systems lays within.

There been old reports later after flying for a few hours around California system, the ship was found flown into Darkness part of Planet Los Angeles shortly after it landed , The ship was not found for three years later, After three years of no sign of the ship, it began to take off and it once again seen and next the Libertians knew, the ship had disappeared in thin air after the pilot lefted the planet.

Meanwhile after moments of disappearing the ship was discoveried in the Omicrons, and wasn't anymore itself anymore nor was the Pilot. As the ship has been acting strange at first, even towards a Core pilot who was patrolling the system Omicron Delta where the ship was found since the disappearance of it entering an Unknown system beyond their Patrol path.

No more data was received since this happened

Ship Status

IFF Fraction Ship Rep Status