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Name Richard Pyle
Birth 13 February 1973 A.D.
Location Australia
Time Zone GMT +10
Skype Tumble-W33d
Forum Account n00bl3t
  • English
  • Latin (Proficient)
  • Japanese (Passable)


Basic information

Morning. (If you get to know me you will realise that regardless of the time, this will be my standard greeting.)

Another thing you will realise is that after some sentences brackets appear. (The text within can sometimes be informative, sometimes annoying.)

Feel free to let me know of errors in my works. I usually lurk on the forums, so you should be able to get in touch with me somehow.

Adding to that, my forum account can be found here. My contributions to the wiki can be found here. (You should find my Skype and Xfire details on my forum profile.)

Feel free to leave a comment about anything. (Just a little note, I may not always be the one using the account.)

By the way, my name is Richard. (Although, b00bl3t and Dick do work.)

Have a nice day.

Game characters

  • V



  • [The_Angels]
  • (]o[) - Faction Leader
  • [NLH]


  • [KNF]
  • =LSF=
  • BHG|Core-
  • SCRA|
  • ]bd[
  • ZDF-
  • ZAS~
  • .HX
  • [SIS]
  • [UC]
  • Talon-
  • [ESS]
  • IMS- (IMT-)


  • [Cartel]
  • Apocalypse_
  • IAF|
  • Order|

Oh yes, one more thing, according to some rather ignorant clods I am anti-faction.


Important links

Discovery Wiki Statistics


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