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These are the guidelines and rules that all wiki editors should follow.


  • [[Category:Discovery content]] only goes on new discovery content pages, not adjusted Vanilla content.
  • No submitting subjective, or unverifiable information. This usually means sorting faction diplomacy out on the forums first, but it includes such things as "The Eagle Sucks!" in reviews. Stick to the facts please.
  • The wiki data MUST be accurate.
  • If there is a problem that you see, either change it yourself or add it to the list of things to do. Be specific.
  • Be aware that for a lot of generic info you can use the spectacular wiki generator made by cshake: , it will save you a lot of time when fixing stuff up for new versions.

Ship prices

Please only use the package price on the ship lists. -----Discussion

Pretty much superseded by using a bot, and the wiki generator. ~Chovynz~ (BlabsEgo) (Wiki Admin) 23:27, 17 May 2010 (MDT)


Integral to Discovery is that of discovering the content of the mod rather than simply being told it. There are places on this Wiki that can have "Spoiler" information. If someone wants to "spoil" their discovery, then the Discovery Wiki is now the place to do it.

  • Name the specific selling locations, but put them in the Spoiler template. ~-~- Discussion
  • Do give the coordinates of bases. ~-~- Discussion
  • Do not show wrecks or what is in them. These will be deleted.
  • Only submit information for factions of Official Discovery RP 24/7 please. It is currently too confusing for other server factions to be here.

Use Version categories

Once a page has been fully updated to the current version be sure to add the current version template to the top of the page so it will be easier to find articles that need to be updated in the future.