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Full Version: Rollcall - October 2013
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Now with rollback finally over and gone, time for some after update cleaning in our ranks.

Use attached template below. Do bold your primary character and its rank if you have more than one. Ends 16th November.
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Character names:[/b][/color] <First name, surname>
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Ranks:[/b][/color] <ranks here>
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Skype ID:[/b][/color] <skype here>
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Timezone:[/b][/color] <timezone here>

[color=#FFFFFF][b]Additional notes:[/b][/color] <notes here>
Character names: Tanis
Ranks: SOC Operative
Skype ID: You know this
Timezone: PDT (GMT - 7:00)

Additional notes: Teddy bears and 12 year old prodigies
Character names: Aelita Stone
Ranks: AiT
Skype ID: Boogie Man (Clayton/Shizune)
Timezone: UTC -06:00 Central Canada/America

Additional notes:Just joke; less then 20 minutes ago o.o
Character names: Rebecca Blackburn
Ranks: Agent
Skype ID: Fus Roh Dah
Timezone: GMT+3
Additional notes: you got my skype name so i skyrimed that place, and yes we got a Teddy bear and a 12 years old kid in Odar (look above the above)
Character names: Jordan Forbes
Ranks: Veteran Agent
Skype ID: kikatsu777
Timezone: US Eastern, -4 GMT

Additional notes: Nephthys VHF fighter
Character names: Lorna Simms
Ranks: Agent
Skype ID: You also know this
Timezone: GMT + 1

Additional notes: Give Bastet a missile slot.
Character names: Sven.Richter
Ranks: Agent in Training
Skype ID: darknight2828
Timezone: GMT+1

Additional notes: Fast and deadly
Character names: Kenji Shimizu
Ranks: Agent Commander
Skype ID: mc_temka
Timezone: +2 GMT (+3?)

Additional notes: We all gonna die.
Character names: Dr. Josephine Schultz
Ranks: Agent-in-training I guess
Skype ID: Minou.Scarlet
Timezone: +1 or 2 GMT

Additional notes: No comment...
Character names: Dan Moreton
Ranks: Agent Commander
Skype ID: el_danny91
Timezone: GMT+1
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