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Full Version: Into the Maelstrom
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Log Entry; PSDB; 23:04; 068.816
I didn't always do these things. I didn't always feel this way... I figured it's time to look back on all the things that have happened to me in the most recent year. Has it only been a year since then? It seems so very much longer than that. Let's start with the most recent, give the ending before the beginning. I am Slayer Dark Blossom, pilot for the Phantom Empire...
Log Entry; Phantom Slayer Dark Blossom; 22:47; 078.816
I was very vague yesterday; I don't know why. No one's going to be reading this but me, right? I don't know if I really will ever show this to... him. Anyway, my name is Margarita... was Margarita Cruz. If things went the way I planned, my name would be Margarita Batty, now. Strange name, I guess, but I like it. Its a long story... I'll start at the beginning tomorrow, I've had a busy day. Murder and torture is... Murder and torture... What have I become?...

Log Entry; Phantom Slayer Dark Blossom; 22:56; 088.816
I'm a monster... Today I slashed the child from a pregnant women... I held her undeveloped child before her and shredded it... I cut several of her fingers off, disfigured her face, and left her bleeding so badly she normally wouldn't live the night... But they want her to, so she will. I...I... Didn't want to. I was told to do it... sort of. I was told to give her no reason to live, but make her continue nonetheless. I... Couldn't help myself. Their voices are so powerful, so... Commanding. I was once horrified by them... Except their voice is now my voice. It makes me so... So... Hungry... Bloodthirsty...
Log Entry; Phantom Slayer Dark Blossom; 22:43; 098.816
I was once an innocent girl on a planet of gold with a sun of green. My father was a pilot in one of many fighter wings; my mother had died shortly after I was born. He had nothing to care for but me in the world. I was his reason for fighting, the reason he tried so hard to keep our space safe. I lived in a cushioned world: I knew nothing of pain, nothing of fear. My world was beautifulperfect. I only knew love, strength, and honor. His honor... My father was shot down by Bounty Hunters who managed to ambush him in the nearby Tau systems. I was only fifteen at the time... And my cushioned world was taken from me. I spent the next few years living with my older brother Emilio, named after my father. He loved... Loves... Me dearly. I do love him, too. And if it wasn't for him, I would never have made it this far. And I can say that about a great many things.
Log Entry; Phantom Slayer Dark Blossom; 22:36; 108.816
Today was what I call a good day in the open... These Phantoms are disturbed... Sadistic--masochistic. They have no fear, no pain. They have precision, strength, unity, and efficiency... I should say we. I am no longer who I used to be... I am twisted, sickened... A darkened blossom... I'm their slave, I bend to their will... And I enjoy doing what they tell me. The worst part? I know what morality is, I was innocent once... I already said that. I know that killing is wrong, evil, death is only meant for those who are against you, not the innocent... I kill... women, children... Slaughter them. I can see the fear in their faces and laugh. I enjoy their pain. Until I am left to reflect upon it...
Will my most lovely torment ever end?...
Log Entry; Phantom Slayer Dark Blossom; 23:45; 118.816
My older brother, Emilio, was a pilot in the Outcast Military, much like my father was. He was never killed in combat, though and eventually made it to command his own ship. A Destroyer-class vessel he named the Pandemonium, considering he felt that's what it would cause amongst his enemies; it did end up the bane of Corsair and Bounty Hunter fighters and gunboats scoring a total of 276 kills. I got a name, too when I joined the military. They called me Dark Blossom, for only two reasons I can think of, one being the two guns I inherited from my father that were named DARK BLOSSOM, and two for my quiet nature in combat. Apparently I was a fighter prodigy; I even managed to beat Lope Rainerio, the GoR ace pilot, in a spar. However, I never got to see much action, only earning a total of four kills... Before meeting the annoying Bounty Hunter Roy Batty. Its because of him I never got to know what being an Outcast ace is like.
Log Entry; Phantom Slayer Dark Blossom; 00:14; 128.816
Its late... Reminds me of the first time I met Roy. It was brief... Towards the end of my patrol. His proximity to Malta made it hard for him to stay and talk, not that I wanted to. I wanted him dead so he couldn't tell any of his friends in the Guild about us. He never did... I guess that night he saw something in me, sort of like... Love at first site. He kept saying that he loved the things I was named after. I have to admit, it was kind of... Pathetically cute. He fell in love with his worst enemy on the first meeting. I can't say I wasn't drawn to him, but at least I kept my focus. If I saw him, I would have shot him down. The next morning, I had a message waiting for me... But that's for another day. I need to sleep. Dark Star says he has plans for me...
Log Entry; Phantom Slayer Dark Blossom; 21:22; 138.816
I...I... Lost today. I was to meet Ravager. A fellow Phantom. She's... Much more ruthless than I, and doesn't say much. I can't say we didn't get along or hate each other. I can't... Feel hate for anyone who is a part of the Phantom Empire... Only everyone else... The others feel the same, we feed off of our hate, use it to bind us together, make us a stronger force... An unstoppable force. I was flying my bomber, Ravager had a Sabre. Apparently she was a Xeno before she became one of us, and already a psychopath. We were to rain hell on forces in the Manchester system then land on Ouray in Colorado, killing everything in sight... I smiled as they died... However... I... I... Lost. I never lose. Ravager was destroyed in some... Mysterious way. I watched her die... A fellow Phantom. Her killer disengaged the fight when I tried to get him back. I couldn't go after him... I had another, stronger, more dangerous pilot on my tail... He nearly got me... I had to turn tail and run... I hate running. When I made it back to the Temple of the Revenant, though... Ravager was... Alive. I know why we have no fear... We cannot die. We cannot be killed, no matter how hard they try we will always return in one way or another.
Log Entry; Phantom Slayer Dark Blossom; 22:02; 148.816
I'd best get back into my story, huh? I left off with a message in the morning. It was a short message from the Hunter. He sent me a flower... Pathetic, but... Heh, and I say this with a smile, cute and innocent. He fell in love with a warrior woman, me. I returned his message with a hidden sarcasm... I planned to draw him somewhere quiet, alone... Destroy his ship and bring him back to Malta. I told my CO, Bernard Fokke, another of the GoR legends. His name has faded, now... But it still brings me memories. Memories of simpler days, days under his wing. He simply told me, All is fair in love and war, dear. He treated me like a daughter, not really acceptable for a commander, but I loved him as a father... He sort of filled that void for me. Do what you feel you need to, and tell me when you come out on top. I'll be here waiting. Later that weekI guess Roy got tired of waitingCommander Fokke shot down Roy and had him locked in a cell... I don't know why I did what I did... Hmm... Someone's at my door...
Log Entry; Phantom Slayer Dark Blossom; 23:53; 158.816
Roy returned to Alpha out of desperation, out of a pure need to see me again. He even offered Bernard Fokke twenty million credits to bring him to me. Bernard first took the credits, then disabled Roy's ship with the precision of a surgeon. Bernard brought him to Malta's cells to await his walk through the fields of gold. As soon as I found out, I knew I had to get him out... I don't know why; I guess the guy was the first person to really accept me as me, even if we only just met and he only had looks to go on. He was just so... Sincere, real. I think it was at that point I began to really, truly love him. I went down to the dungeon to see him, I just had to. I politely asked Miguelanother of the GoR acesto give me a minute with him. Roy was in such bad shape, but he was glad to see me. I told him I had a plan for getting him out, and he could leave to live on. I knew I was risking my way of life... No, even more. My very life for a man I hardly knew, but when I saw him in that cell... I just knew he was worth it, somehow.
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