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Full Version: Faction Activity: December
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(01-01-2016, 04:01 PM)Thunderer Wrote: [ -> ]I think that official factions shouldn't allow themselves to get to the point where their members must say goodbye to their real life. If they have reached it, they shouldn't deserve to be official. Such factions shouldn't, by my opinion, even exist.

Activity should be a measure of a faction's true size and fun, not that of how much real life it has taken from someone. That kind of activity is hollow.

My hero
We admins understand your objections, but the thing is, your factions are suppoused to have at least minimal presence in the game. Please don't tell us getting 24 hours of activity a month from 5 players is something difficult for you, or takes a heavy toll on your real life, because, please, such claims are ridiculous.

We are currently discussing faction activity requirements. I can't speak for my fellow admins, how will they vote, but I proposed lowering faction activity requirement to four members. I agree getting more members in nowadays Disco, with its lowered activity, may be difficult, but a few persons in the faction logging for a few hours a month each surely is not.

I wanted to adress few controversial posts from the beginning of the feedback. It isn't the situation when evil bored Pavel woke up and decided to destroy someone's New Year. It was the entire team's decision, to finally after a very long break, start checking faction activity. We didn't check it for November because that month was still influenced by server issues, but December was not. Don't bring up "holidays" point, because that universal excuse can be then used to explain faction inactivity in every situation. Christmas, summer holidays, spring break, sport finals, summer (too hot), etc etc. Again, regardless of how brutal that may sound, we expect at least minimal activity from official factions. If you can't provide it, then you're going to lose your officialdom.

And again here, faction activity requirements are being discussed by the admin team. Some things may change drastically. Or may not. We'll see. But the checks are back, here, and we expect at least that tiny 24 hours a month from you, official factions.

Fly or die.
Thanks to another upstanding member we've done some digging and it turns out The Sisterhood of Dreams and Republican Shipping are below five active members requirement. Factions added to the list.

tbh the active member requirement should be reduced at least. Perhaps 3 would be better.
Nice to see activity checks back up and going, have fun dealing with the tears that come with these threads. PM Pavel every day.
(01-01-2016, 08:23 PM)Miaou Wrote: [ -> ]Nice to see activity checks back up and going, have fun dealing with the tears that come with these threads. PM Pavel every day.

What Miaou said Smile

PS Lyth read carefully, it was mentioned we consider lowering member requirement.
But can you really seriously consider a faction that has only three members that do stuff, one that should stay active? It is basically taking that slot for another. Unless it is not a big deal to have two factions per ID anymore.

I know Navy has it. But I considered that an exception to the rule.
Ok, so base supplies were disabled, but then the team calls for activity at the same time...? Don't take it personally but considering base supplying makes up a fair amount of faction activity, this makes little real sense.

These threads are a kick in the balls to community moral every time we see them. Whether or not you deliberately target the moral balls, but to those getting kicked it feels that way There has got to be a better way of doing this than throwing up a list of failing factions and frowning upon them.

If you want to see a resurgence in Official factions, lower the requirements. I mean what we really have is about 10 people in 18 factions or whatever anyway.
What about doing activity tracking through ID instead of tag?
(01-01-2016, 09:27 PM)Antonio Wrote: [ -> ]What about doing activity tracking through ID instead of tag?

This is a really good idea, and a way to get the dawson rogues on the tracker, thing is you would need an ID for every tracked faction

(Which means getting OFL ID's for some factions fixed *COUGH* BD| *COUGH*)
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