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Full Version: The Core Comm, Roleplay and PM Bump Thread
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Thank you for the lovely idea :}

We try our best to respond to comms as soon as possible. Sometimes however transmissions can be missed, and it can often be difficult to find those transmissions once again.

With the amount of roleplay we do, we also sometimes forget about pieces of roleplay we are due to reply/partake in.

And sometimes, we can completely miss PMs by accident.

We're only human (AFTER ALL).

Therefore, to encourage efficiency and promote organization (and so that Lyth doesn't have to clog his Chrome with a million pinned tabs) if you make a comm to Core, have Core involved in a piece of RP, or send Core a PM, give us a reminder in case we miss it.

If Core feels like roleplaying diplomatic relations.
Bumping this again. I may or may not see everything.
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