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Full Version: AP Manufacturing to TAZ
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Incoming Transmission

To: Whoever actually got stuck with being in charge of the TAZ this week
From: Jeff Phelps, CEO, AP Manufacturing

RE: SCRA attacks on TAZ ships and bases

Pilots from AP Manufacturing reported to our corporate headquarters that there were large amounts of damage to Gran Canaria and Lanzarote Base due to Coalition attacks. As APM ships have been calling on Gran Canaria for some time to pick up cargoes, we feel a certain self-appointed responsibility to assist you in the rebuilding efforts in this time of need.

As noted in APM communications, we are bringing in water, food, medicine, building materials, and oxygen. Hopefully our efforts will assist your people in your ability to rebuild.

[Image: jphelps.jpg]

End Transmission
Comm ID: F-23 Discordia, ChairEntity, Council of Zoners

Heya, Mr. Phelps

While I just happen to be a Fnordette and Tsar in the TempAutoZoners, I'd like to clarify something for ya.

The Coalition's "evacuuation" of their Canaria Enclave, and the ensuing unpleasantries, were not directed at the TAZ specifically.

Yes, the TAZ had ships present, and a few damaged. Yes, our Tubheap unfortunately targeted a Coalition vessel. But, Mr. Phelps, other than a few remaining assets on the ground, and the odd trade mission, TAZ now has its own yard to police for dogturds, and no longer claims any "ZoI" in Omega 49.

I will however pass your gracious offer to the Council of Zoners.

I will also be recommending to the Council shortly that the lockdown of Gran Canaria be lifted, so that relief efforts can continue. It appears that our brothers the Wanderers have decided to talk directly to SCRA regarding their "issues"; which should reduce tensions significantly.

AP Manufacturing will also be welcome in Baffin, although our only problem seems to be uninformed lookie-loos who can't be bothered to read newsfeeds or press releases.

Mama Dis