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Full Version: Core|7 - The Seven
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The Seven

[Image: SknWqQH.png]

The Seven are seven replaceable clones created with a singular purpose in mind: highly efficient elimination of The Core's enemies. They know no life other than the rush of combat and the glory of victory. Each individual member of The Seven is known as an Archangel.

In the darkest, most secluded and secretive laboratories on Durban Station lies Project God's Hand. A top secret AP Manufacturing project into the research of clone human super soldiers. The clones are created and bred from human DNA in individual tanks. During this process, the clone's DNA is mixed with Cardamine. This not only gives the enhancing benefits of Cardamine to the Archangels, but it also provides the addiction and dependency - which creates a means of exerting control over them. The clones are programmed and conditioned to be in a state of peak physical and mental performance, but are left numb of emotion and compassion. This makes them wholly loyal to The Core and free of distraction when pursuing their objectives.

When an Archangel fails it's mission, it is terminated and another is created to serve in it's place. There is no room for failure within The Seven.

AP Manufacturing chose the unethical and immoral practice of using human clones as pilots due their expendable and programmable nature. It also allows them to ruthlessly push the limits of the human body, as if a clone dies during experimentation it can just be replaced. Each iteration of an Archangel is stronger than the last.

This process and the true origin of the Archangels is of course top secret: only The Core High Command know the full details. Some rumours do float off from Durban regarding the truth of Project God's Hand, however they are quickly dismissed and suppressed. The Archangels inspire both mystery and fear within the Edge Worlds region.

The callsigns of the current Archangels is the following:
  • Core|7-Michael
  • Core|7-Raphael
  • Core|7-Gabriel
  • Core|7-Jophiel
  • Core|7-Ariel
  • Core|7-Azrael
  • Core|7-Chamuel