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Full Version: To: Generalmajor Heinrich \\ From: E. Loyola
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*Enma takes an ancient-stylish microphone to contact the Hessian leader. *

[Image: tumblr_nh822zhvpb1r6qeupo1_500.gif]

Grettings, dear general.

Today I have been calling you to offer my services as an expert to your general staff. I am well qualified and may aid your efforts in questions upper and central Sirius. Of course, I am no longer affiliated with any political or military organizations in Sirius. And naturally, we are not talking about full-time jobs here. I have no plans to move to the Rheinland and Omegas permanently, but I could use a residence or two if you are willing to provide one.

I can also work as a negotiator in some complicated situation when you would not like to have your hands dirty. If you agree on the basic terms, we can discuss the payments and such.

Oh, and by the way, I am sorry for that bar meeting on the Freeport 9. I think we both can just forget it.

I think that's all for now...


[Image: DS8q4uS.jpg?2]

Sender: Lævateinn
Recipient: Enma Loyola
Source: ----

Subject: Admittance

Priority: í meðallagi
Encryption: Óbrjótandi


The Generalmajor is currently unable to respond to this message given recent events. She would like to know why exactly an ex-Outcast, ex-Core, ex-self-proclaimed "queen" would be admitted given your cooperation with the Army in the past.

You knowledge of Sirius is one thing, your impact on it - is another.



[Image: tumblr_nh822zhvpb1r6qeupo1_500.gif]

I did not expect spooky people in masks to have access to Generalmajor's personal comm channel. I see Auxesia fashion is spreading. Anyway, please call Anna herself, or this won't go anywhere.

As for my reasons, I still need to have a source of income, and to be as far as possible from degenerate Outcast folks. I think that's simple and understanable.


[Image: 66BBGFO.gif]

Sender: Generalmajor Annabelle Heinrich
Recipient: Enma Loyola
Source: ???

Subject: Admittance

Priority: Moderate
Encryption: ᚢᚾᛒᚱᛖᚨᚴᚨᛒᛚᛖ

You again,

My direct message feed is relayed through my guards to avoid having my time wasted reading over redundant requests.

Give me a reason to believe this doesn't fall under that category. When you've done that, there's something I want before I even begin to think of the possibility of you residing in my territory.

Signed, Generalmajor
A. Heinrich
Rote Hessen Armee


[Image: tumblr_nh822zhvpb1r6qeupo1_500.gif]

Look, it's simple. You pay me SIRIAN CREDITS or GALLIC FRANKS and I work for you. As I said I would like to stay far away from Malta and Omega sector is GOOD at this point. Your organization is the only one in Omegas that is not making me vomit so I CHOOSE YOU.