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Full Version: To: The Order.
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Grand Admiral,

On the recent visit to Bering i have encountered quite an amusing sight: some... pilot, claiming to be your intelligence asset under deep cover. However, there are multiple question raised by technologies and weapons he has in his possession, his callsign and ship transponder, that rather looks like a wannabe agent simply seeking to draw people's attention rather than fulfill the role he is claiming.
I will forward the currently present information to you and let you deal with the rest. I personally would suggest sending an agent for extermination of that fool.
Visual data of the vessel and possessed technologies attached: imposer.identifier imposer.armaments.#1 imposer.armaments.#2
[Image: 39e73fdb73.png]

⧫ Tau Sector
⧫ Unknown
⧫ 08/29/825
⧫ FROM: Inquisitor "Darkness"
⧫ TO: Miss Willing


I bid you a good day, Miss Willing.

The Grand Admiral shall not be bothered with this minority. I would have asked one of my people to handle it but that would just cause a longer delay. Let us get straight to the point though.

This imposer is more than ridiculous, he is far too easily uncovered as some random fool trying to be funny. I suggest we have a Corsair being on bad drugs there. Let him throw around as many statements about being an Order agent as he wants, he is not. Therefore feel free to give him some nice gunfire shots when you meet him. I suppose that is what everyone will do anyways.

There is just one matter really getting my interest. The first conversation seems to be cut off. I am quite sure there was more to hear from this imposer there about the local group of Bering, namely the Battle-whatever size they actually are- Harmony. Would it be an issue to send us the rest of this conversation's logs? Just to satisfy my curiousity.

Thank you for informing us about this matter though. It is appreciated.

Inquisitor "Darkness"
Wedjat Section 4

[Image: 128b.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

Good evening.

Better safe than sorry.
Just to satisfy your curiosity.
Nothing of crucial importance, however.