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Full Version: To: The Order Overwatch, High Command, CC: Order|Zeus.
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Greetings, esteemed Admiralty of The Overwatch.

I am contacting you shortly after encountering... quite an unpleasant behavior demonstrated by one of the operatives of The Overwatch.

Today, i have entered Omicron Mu, carrying a bulk of weapon supplies to Taba Starbase, planning to pick up goods from Akabat for my way back. On approach to the planet i have crossed paths with vessel of The Order logistical vessel under the callsign of Quintana and it's escort under the callsign Zeus.
What happened next have been... rather confusing for me. Zeus have taken on the intercept course, and, upon getting in range, have fired two cruise disruption missiles, ordering me to halt, without bothering to further explain his behavior or, at least, excuse for the inconvenience provided.
To be honest - this is not the treatment your operatives should demonstrate to your suppliers - you may loose them one day if this is going do, neither i am going to tolerate it in regards to myself.
I suggest you to find out who had Zeus in his hands back in the day, and educate him properly to make at least a tiniest bit of sense when dealing with the transports of your allies.
The scans of the vessel in question and the logs will be attached to this transmission.

I would also expect this operative to step on and explain his behavior and bring his excuses for this little accident.
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Incoming Transmission

Sender ID: Mark Webb
Location Origin: "Taba Starbase", Omicron Mu, Omicron Sector
Subject: Reponse
Signal Strength: Strong
Packet Loss: 0%
Date: 19th October 825A.S

Opening Message....

Good evening ma'am,

I am quiet not Admiralty of The Overwatch, but I am a Colonel and I have my own battlegroup currently in the sector on a short term break before heading back out.

From listening to the complaint you have forward to us I have to personally say it's a shock that a Agent in Training is still struggling to understand who our current suppliers are and who are not, please let me apologize on behalf of the pilot known as "Zeus".

Having personally spoken to this pilot, I will provide him with the necessary data to make sure this does not happen again, if you have any other problems please contact us immediatly.

Stay safe out there pilot.

[Image: onZkKku.png]

[Image: 128b.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

Good evening, Colonel Webb.

Accept my sincere gratitude for swift response - and a perfectly satisfying answer.
I hope that this operative is going to heed your words, and behave properly next time our transports happen to visit Order space, assuming your rank should be more than sufficient for this occasion.