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Full Version: Core VHF, HF, Bomber, LF. Done on 26 April 2020
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I very much like the model, though curiously i don't know where the gun mounts would be, maybe on the bottom sides and top sides where the wings are, then under the the wings or something like that? I could also see top and bottom of the edge of the wings with the 2 other guns being on the bottom sides with a Cruise disruptor and torpedo on the top sides -Depending on if this is a rework of the Core Manta or not.- But I really love the ship design, might make me go core if it's implemented.
Has a Shark looking shiluete ,so ww2 US planes shark paint on nose may look well on finshed project :
the base model is a bit too bulky for a VHF, almost looks like a gunboat or a freighter if you wanna do it like that
Overall, it's still raw, so I will speak in the end product. But that cockpit position, love it.

<3 - Bomber 0.1.0, April the 1st, 2019. - Bomber+VHF 0.1.0, April the 1st, 2019.
Also fixed window and colors in VHF for now.
I really like the 2nd bomber, though I worry that the VHF might be a bit too thin a strafer.
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