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Full Version: Priority message to Crayter gov | Subject: IMG-CR War
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Good day.

On behalf of the Lane Hackers I would like to express our sadness for the hostilities between CR and the IMG. Our worst fears of Coronado becoming a warzone will come true.

But that is not the reason I am contacting you. The Lane Hackers would like assurances that our small camp on Pecos will not be targeted by your forces and will be recognized as neutral ground. For the duration of the conflict the camp will remain on a lockdown to ensure no unauthorized personnel can get inside.
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Greetings Emissary,

Allow to introduce myself, I am Michael Toolan, Speaker for the Crayterian Government.

I have been authorised by the Government to inform you that we respect your neutrality and we are glad that you are not involving yourself in this situation that IMG created. We are aware that we are painted as the aggressors and that we are violent, but rest assured, our troops are not going to attack your settlement.

However, as it seems that Pecos will become a battlefield, in the interest of Security and with all due respect, we would keep an eye on your settlement in case any of the Rebel IMG are planning to use your it as a staging point and drag you into this conflict. This status will finish once the operations are going to quiet down.

I will once again state that our troops will not interfere with your activities and would not disrupt day to day activity.

If there is anything else you may need, please do not hesitate to contact us on this channel.

Kind regards,
Michael Toolan

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Thank you Speaker Toolan.

We don't mind you keeping an eye on our owned settlement, after all we've made our intentions clear.

On behalf of the Professors, I would like to congratulate you for the capture of Planet Harris which brings the entire system under the Republic's firm control.