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Full Version: Tarancon Base
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[Image: adwW7nb.png]
Tarancon Base

CLASS: Ramshackle
GRAVITY: Partial

AFFILIATION: Voltaic Junkers

"On the periphery of humanity's influence, access to usable refined resources are at an absolute premium. Shipments from Sirius' more civilized regions are not uncommon but the sheer volume of materials required to maintain military operations this far disconnected from reliable suppliers calls for more resources than regular tramp haulers alone can bear.

Though a long-sensitive subject, picking the bones of the wreckage in Omicron Minor has largely become a necessity to both the Order and Core- and where there is a demand, suppliers will always arise. The Junkers, ever resourceful and quick to jump at an opportunity answered the call from both parties to cannibalize munitions, construction components, and raw resources from the derelicts leftover from the Battle of Toledo. To facilitate this, Tarancon was established at the edge of Toledo's sphere of influence, acting as a launching off point for salvage wings and supply transports.
A significant amount of high radiation exposure, a high degree of initial damage, and collisions with asteroids and other wrecks have left the vast majority of the derelicts little more than floating bulkheads with fried, unusable components and wiring run through them. Though there is no actual policy dictating what is done with them, what few actual supplies that can be recovered are quickly handed over to the rightful owners by the Junkers to avoid any diplomatic issues, as the fear of Tarancon's destruction by one of the two parties is an ever-present one.

Nowadays Tarancon is owned by the Voltaic Junkers - a shady group with a known history to cooperate with various groups within the Omicrons specifically. Tarancon has become a slowly evolving station, where its new owners have constantly seen docking, delivering supplies from the outer regions and the Toledo Graveyard.
Not only that but as of late various other organizations can be seen interacting with Tarancon, often getting repairs, buying suitable ships or simply relax around the bar. The station provides a safe haven within the Nomad Worlds for every faction that does not originate from Gallia, Kusari, or the cursed Xenos and Hogosha."

"With time, Tarancon has been promised to turn itself into a hub and a smelter at the same time. With many Junkers doing their best to complete their contracts and salvage the detached parts within the Tarancon Debris Field, repair ships have started to make their appearance. There are many stages until Tarancon will become completely habitable."

Stage One: Docking Bays

"With ever-increasing Junker Population which ironically uses large ships for the vast amounts of salvage within the Toledo Graveyard the only barely usable docking bay is not enough. As such, repairs have commenced sealing all hull breaches and ruptures - as well as any electrical damage that still lingers. Not only this stage will partly fix the second docking bay and mooring capabilities, but it will also re-enable many life support systems that couldn't be accessible."
  • 40,000 Basic Alloy: X
  • 5,000 Optronic Arrays: X
  • 25,000 Reinforced Alloy: X
  • 5,000 Xenobiotic Filters: X
  • 5,000 Nanotubes: X
  • 1 Repair Ship:
  • 3 Salvagers:

Further Stages will be revealed in time.