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Full Version: New Hope Research Institute
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[Image: GFo5U5T.png]

Who we are:
A group of brilliant scientists from Freeport 1 merged with scientists from Cambrigde to discover the secrets of Sirius.

What we do:
We study mysterious anomalies and share the results of these studies.

Where we are:
Cambridge system, sector C-3.

Why you should visit us:
If you are an interested scientist, tired freelancer or busy trader, you can always relax in our cafe.

What we export:

[Image: 4BKyTDr.png]SCIENTIFIC DATA3,000,000

What we import:

[Image: Cpkgse3.png]COBALT ORE3,600
[Image: u25lxWJ.png]GOLD ORE3,600
[Image: hEymjQ0.png]SILVER ORE4,100
[Image: NqkZpv0.png]UNCUT DIAMONDS4,600

What is in our cafe:

[Image: rNuDTjE.png]GIN200
[Image: gBzU2iq.png]RUM3,600
[Image: 1F9U4mV.png]TEA600
[Image: 8E6lW6X.png]TOBACCO3,000
[Image: z4B5A0r.png]VODKA1,200
[Image: qosdpds.png]WHISKEY700
[Image: GFo5U5T.png]

Base update:
Upgrade to Core-2 completed.
[Image: GFo5U5T.png]

Base update:
Our scientists are now busy repairing the base and constructing new modules. Sci-data temporarily unavailable.
[Image: GFo5U5T.png]

Base update:
Sci-data available again.
We are doing our best to maintain at least 500 units in stock.
Sender: Eliel Satomaa
Recipient: New Hope Research Institute

Greetings from O-47!

I am interested in purchasing 100 units of scientific data from your group. We have the required 300 million credits to cover the purchase. Our research ship Raven's.Eye is ready to accept the data at your convenience.

Sincerely, Captain Satomaa

Scientific Data are available in our base. You can dock and buy them.
Hello there, i wanted to know if its possible to place a order of 200 scientific data
I am ready to send the cash to anyone whenever needed

You don't need to place an order. Currently there are over 500 sci-data in stock.
Yeah so, i can just go over there and buy it?
Sir I was wanting to understand your standing with Freelancer's since upon my recent visit I was not allowed access to dock. I was looking forward to purchasing some goods.
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