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Full Version: Antonie de Villiers - Biography
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[Image: NKXGG4C.png]
Antoine de Villiers

Date of Birth: 27-09-709 AGS, 33 y.o.
Place of Birtt: Planet Quilian, Languedoc

Heigh: 177 cm
Weigh: 81 kg
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown

Pierre was born on Planet Quillan, Languedoc at 709 A.G.S. and the first thing he knew was he was an orphan and he came along with a note that wrote his name. He never knew his mother and father, all he had was himself, equally hopeless friends at the orphanage and hope that he might get adopted sometime in the future. Thanks to a twist of fate, he made it out of the orphanage at the age of 8, adopted by a fairly rich independent trader couple originating from New Paris.

The couple provided him with a home, standard Gallic education and lots of accompanying on trade runs. However Antonie's heart was not with humming engines of freighters or supertankers. He admired Gallic fighter pilots ever since he heard the news. He dreamed of being a pilot and save the Gallia from pirates, terrorists and Council alike and at his 16th birthday, he got a chance to fulfill his dreams...

Yet, despite his brevity and ambitiousness, he was rejected at the evaluation and sent back to Quillan. However, the failure did not deter him. There were alternatives after all. Just 2 years later, he applied to Gallic Royal Police and he got accepted. Being one of the youngest officers within GRP, he was loyal and not corrupted yet. He was posted to Picardy to ensure mining operations were safe and assist patrols on a Caracal.

As years passed, he got promotions and upgraded vessels under his belt and just as he thought nothing could get better or worse, the Second Gallic War happened. As the government needed more resources on ever-advancing frontlines, GRP was the sacrifice. Payments diminished, equipment got fewer replacements and crime ran rampant as a result, alongside real deal terrorists forming like Maquis. Officers started to get bribes and overlook petty crimes that would not earn them enough merit within their superior's eyes. Antonie was one of the few uncorrupt officers and he voiced his disdain of corruption within GRP.

His voice fell on deaf ears and he was threatened to lose his job on top. So he fell silent, ignored the treachery around him and continued his work until the Gallic War ended. While the end was a spectacular event within Gallia, for the Police not much changed. They kept most of their officers and modus operandi, with a few name and allegiance changes, alongside corrupt officers still getting their pockets filled from bribery and illicit activities. Minarchy's surface meant and Unione Corse expanding their operations only fueled the corruption even further.

Antonie could not take it any further. He resigned after lots of arguments, shouts and threats flung across him at 743 A.G.S.