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You have something to say? Maybe, you want to comment on behaviour of our members? You have grievances? Or you had a great time with us, and want to share your impressions? You're in the right place.

We, at UC/-, aim for the enjoyable, active and most importantly - interesting roleplay interaction, fair PvP fights and showing off our pompous, new and refreshed look. If you notice, that our roleplay is boring, unimaginative and stale and that instead of fair PvP we just gank, or play unfairly, or our format and commbars are making you sick - let us know. Commission is keeping a close eye on this thread, you will be heard, you will be understood. Just be well mannered and courteous, alrighty? We're mafia, after all, that's the code here, pal.

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Listing L'Ane in ships is the last step closer towards perfection!

Good luck!
Was waiting on something like this for a long time, happy to see someone finally decided to make one.
Lore seems to be outdated. Won't get surprised if it's copypasta from wiki. Are you going to rewrite it to something unique any time soon?
(03-19-2021, 06:35 AM)Groshyr Wrote: [ -> ]Lore seems to be outdated. Won't get surprised if it's copypasta from wiki. Are you going to rewrite it to something unique any time soon?

The Unione Corse copy pasted the information about the history of the faction. After all, it is the history of the faction. It has been a long time ago since we heard from them (Unione Corse). The record will change through the roleplay will be done, and when the faction has gained a few goals or points in disco, the history will be re-written at some point. The faction uses it as something to stick to, To have some solid ground, for a starter.
Ratty can get rather unhappy when being pirated, but most times she has her fair amount of fun getting to meet new people and is glad to help them better their financial status with a few kindly given donations.

What Ratty does now like, however, is over-the-top demands; and I elaborate.

I see one of your people in Tau 31, camping the trade lane between the jumpgate to Leeds and Holman Outpost. I am coming in from the North side and I have more than enough time to just go through the jumpgate before your guy can even get in weapons range, and yet I decide I'll stick around for the RP and the interaction, as I always do.

The RP side of the interaction wasn't bad by any means, what was bad however is demanding twenty million from a transport with 3600 units of cargo space that is not even carrying ore. Fining fifteen and twenty million credits when you're seeing an unarmed 5ker carrying ore is cool and good. Fining the same amount for a transport with 70% that cargo hold that is not carrying ore could at best case be considered a bad interaction and at worst case be reported.

Later on during the same day, Ratty was on the very same trip when she came across a different one of your people, this time in Tau-23. Fortunately, a Chrysanthemum was around to save the day, but regardless of the Chrysanthemum's presence, the quasi-lawful character demanded that Ratty empties her cargo hold of Cardamine.

Last time Ratty checked, the Unione Corse ID did not have a line to justify such a demand and Ratty is fairly confident that between then and now this line has still not been added to their ID.

If you expect traders and smugglers to not metagame and use the playerlist to intentionally avoid any interactions with the factions that can pirate them, then perhaps you should look into not offering such interactions.

That is all from me, good day.
Hey there,

First of all thanks for the feedback.
I can't speak on behalf of the other encounter you had in the 31, but it was me within 23, which demanded your cargo.

Quote:-Can engage in piracy outside of House Sovereign Space.

This is the line from our ID which allows us to demand Cargo in the Taus. Some UC players pirate, others prefer, (myself included) to demand the drop of cargo - as I feel this improves the RP goals of the UC.

I'd also like to point out that our contract with the CR Bounty Board which allows us to do the same as well.

Quote:The following are various types of targets found in specific circumstances and are claimable in all four areas of operations:
Target: Smugglers
Details: Any unlicensed ship that is caught smuggling illegal goods, as per Crayter Laws, is to be stopped, then its cargo should be dropped and destroyed. In case of refusal to comply, the vessel should be eliminated and then the cargo as well. The reward is 2.000 SC/cargo for the cargo's destruction and an additional 1.500.000 SC in the case of a kill.
Note: In the event of such a smuggling vessel be also part of a group mentioned in the General Bounties, payment will be given according to the General Bounties regulation, while the reward for cargo destruction applies as a bonus.

I hope this provides some clarification to your experiences with us in the Taus.

Happy flying,

I've run across a few of you guys so far & I'll give y'all this, the IC interactions are solid.

Two things I'd recommend: The piracy demands need to be reduced. 2-3 mil per round tends to be the universally acceptable cost of doing business.

& about the piracy. I'd also recommend changing the faction diplomacy to match its actions, 'cause the basic NPC diplomacy is just a starting point to tweaked...alot

If the shoe were on the other foot, I'd set any faction I plan to pirate to hostile, so that at least the NPC faction responds appropriately to the hostile act of pirating an allied PC.

I can't help but view IFF straddling as surfing a loophole in game mechanics, so I'd take steps to try & balance reaction with action.
(03-28-2021, 02:14 PM)Marburg Wrote: [ -> ]If the shoe were on the other foot, I'd set any faction I plan to pirate to hostile
I very much disagree with this in the case of quasi-lawfuls. Sadly, they have been so underplayed, and piracy used on them so little that people don't even realize that this is the intent of the IDs - shady factions that will trade with you, hell even potentially protect you from unlawfuls in House space in the case of hogosha and Corse. But then stab you in the back by taking your stuff in the wild west non-house systems, and try to play the dangerous game of not overdoing it to be outed in-house.

It is entirely on the target factions to set their diplomacy towards the quasi-lawfuls and try to collect evidence, FR5s. But from Corse/Hogosha/Junker perspective they always play the dangerous game where they try to have a neutral front with as many factions as possible while stabbing them in the back by robbing them in wild west systems and helping their enemies in-house, smuggling etc, if it suits their self-serving interests is my 2 cents.
You might want to try to actually RP. All I see from you lot is "we're going to shoot you for money!"
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