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Full Version: To all Order agents flying in New York.
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[Image: tovigkelt-c76fb0d473.jpg]
..:: Incoming Transmission : The Order Primary Fleet ::..
..:: Neuronal Identification : Grand Admiral Tovig Kelt ::..
..:: Signal Location : Planet Toledo, Omicron Minor ::..


Recently, many Order agents were found flying in New York without any precautions, in the sight of everybody and especially the Liberty Navy, Liberty Security Force and others people who aren't really friendly with our organisation.

I must remains you something : When you must be in New York, you must have a very good reason and only in a fighter, bomber or gunboat class vessel.

Any Order capital ships is forbidden in New York, under any circumstances, except with the autorisation of the Primary Fleet admirals or the Order High Command only.

We are not friendly with Liberty for the reasons you know. Liberty is a giant at our door. If they want to crush us, they can. For now, they ignore us, we ignore them.

Don't change this statut.

If the Liberty Navy or anything related to the Liberty armed forces is sending warfleet in Minor in reprisals of the trip of some Order agents in New York, the Orders involved in this will be severely punished by the Order HC.

At final, avoid flying in Liberty as much as you can. All should be clear now. You can't say you weren't aware.

Grand Admiral Tovig Kelt

..:: Transmission Ended ::..
..:: Signal Lost ::..
*Attempts hack*
*Hack fails*
*Hack Fails*
*Opening Transmission*

*ID: Reporter Bailey, John*
*Begin Transmission*

"I have evidence of an Order Agent in New York With one of those big ship thingys. If you want to see it, Click the link at the very bottom of this message. It brings you into a news archive. Go to the last story, and click for the coverage.
About half way through, I filmed the big guy.
I hope this helps in some way.

*Signial lost*
[Image: tovigkelt-c76fb0d473.jpg]
..:: Incoming Transmission : The Order Primary Fleet ::..
..:: Neuronal Identification : Grand Admiral Tovig Kelt ::..
..:: Signal Location : Planet Toledo, Omicron Minor ::..


Seems there is some Order agents of the secondary fleet that never read the officials statements of the Order Primary. Any Order capitals ships sighted in Libert space will have serious problems. I can't be clearer.

Grand Admiral Tovig Kelt

..:: Transmission Ended ::..
..:: Signal Lost ::..
-From a scrambled location in Alaska-
-Attached identification: Liberty Security Force; Norris, Jack-

In Alaska, everybody can hear you Order scream. Now, I'm going to offer a good warning: You don't get into Liberty without our say-so. I have no problems with your fighters coming for diplomacy. As long as they stay within our supervision and have their scanners deactivated.

I start having problems when you try and sneak in like spies and steal our information. That's not kosher with me, and I give all of your agents a quick boot and data-corrupting virus. Sending in one of your gunboats? Oh, that's just stupid. They never make it past Zone-21.

I love nothing more than to talk things over with you Order people, since I know your origins were originally for the good of Liberty. But when you do stupid things like sabotage or sending in warships, I get a mite annoyed. I can see you Order people try to reign in your big dogs. Try to keep your fleas from jumping, too.

-Transmission ends; recording attached-
[Image: incoming.png]
Gunboats never make it past Zone 21?

Excuse me for cutting this transmission short, Jack... but I really do need to leave so I might inform my pilot of this disturbing piece of news in order that we don't break your fragile perception of reality next time our business takes us to Liberty.
[color=#000000]>>>End Transmission<<<


[Image: SigmaOne.png]
[font=Palatino Linotype]Sounds like someone tried to hack into the secure communications line again...
Nothing but bloody static on my end aside from what the Doc' and Grand Admiral sent out.

Shikoku, Tohoku, New York, and even Texas...
I do what I can to avoid entering hostile space.
However, often my work has me going to those systems.

Navy? LSF? <span style="font-size:8pt;line-height:100%][color=#000000]*laughs*
They thought they had me just a few days ago.
Lost 'em in a matter of seconds even in their "highly-guarded" Zone-21

FROM: Agent Marcus Cromwell
TO: Grand Admiral Tovig Kelt

We should be conducting surveillance wherever possible ... especially when there is war between Liberty and Rheinland and between Bretonia and Kusari. We do not want a repeat of recent history ... the Nomads are still quite prevalent throughout Sirius.