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Full Version: Coalition Operation RAMPART
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Chris Falconer: CommID: Commissar-Captain Alexi Karchov
Message Target: Sirius-wide
Message CC: All SCRA Primary and Defense Fleet Pilots

Citizens of Sirius, I come to you not as the enemy that your repressive governments paint us as, but as a friend of the people and defender of your rights, and your very lives.

The Houses have made the Coalition out to be savages. Murderous cutthroats that spirit away your children, that kill your husbands, mothers, friends. When in truth we fight against these scourges of our sector while the Houses do nothing to protect the citizens. They instead wage their petty wars with each other, the so-called enlightened leaders of the House sending your sons and daughters off to be killed for no reason.

The Red Dawn approaches, and it is the Coalition who will bring about change to benefit all of the people of Sirius. To that end, we of the SCRA have accepted the challenge of safeguarding the citizens of Sirius when they pass through the Omegas. Starting today, the SCRA will start an anti-piracy campaign in the systems of Omega 3 and Omega 7, possibly expanding this action to the other Omega systems.

It has been a long-standing policy of the Coalition and it's pilots not to attack civilians, whether in trade-vessels or their escorts. The Houses would have you believe otherwise, but the SCRA has never fired upon a civilian transport unless fired upon first. Protection of the people is the goal of this campaign too.

Let this be the only warning to those who wish to pirate in the Omegas. The glorious pilots of the Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army will be coming for you, and will show you no mercy. A warning to Corsairs in particular; you have caused grievous injury and been a part of many battles against innocent civilians as well as the SCRA, and we do not forgive or forget these transgressions. While it will be up to the individual pilots of the SCRA whether mercy is granted or will receive none.

So to you, the citizens of Sirius, the hard-working transport pilots, the civilians escaping House life; fear not when you see a Coalition ship along-side you. It is for you we fight. It is for you we risk what is most dear, our very lives, so that you can live yours in peace.

Look to the horizon. The Red Dawn is coming.

Commissar-Captain Alexi Karchov
CPW Saratov
SCRA High Command
::Comms open::
::Location Crete::
::ID: Ivan::

It appears everyone and their Gaian Parrot is moving to Omegas these days. Well, I'll tell you something about that mister Red Dawn. Civilians you are protecting are exploiting their own workers so hard some of them lose their mind and join the Red Hessians or some similar political force in Rheinland.

With your false propaganda you do nothing but give more grief to them since our pirates will only be more bloodthirsty knowing that SCRA might emerge from corners to "protect" these "civilians."

A day doesn't come by without someone wishing us death, and we're still here after countless years. I'ld just protect that.. Red Dawn of yours, because if it's a ship, It will surely get pirated.

::End Transmitting::