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Full Version: To All Unlawful and semi lawful Groups and pirates of Sirius
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╩Incoming Signal╩

☼~Message Begins~☼

Good Day T'yas' The name is Terry Bragg Captain of Junker salvager The Fence. I'm Into the Buying of stolen goods and At the minute its pretty Damned hard to come across Any Without a bit of Dumb Luck, So heres the Idea, A dedicated Comms Channel over the S.K.Y.P.E Protocol, to Allow you Pirates in ye' little Roc's or whatever else ye use to actually Profit when some Trader decideds t' play the hard man' and gets his arse Shoved in a pod for it, leaving his precious cargo Floating around ye'. So if Any o' ya' are interested, Use this comm channel And state ye business as a buyer of ill gotten' goods or an Aquirer of ill gotten goods and ye skype protocol Username and we will be making the big Money in no time.

Few General rules Ah' Think could help smooth things over,

[color=#000000]1. Use the Channel to tell The buyers where you and the Cargo to be bought is, how much of it is and what ye price is.
2. Dont Share the skype Protocol with any old bum. Only if ye trust em.
3. Kusari Is Hogosha territory if they want to get in on this I got no problems with that I dont intend and I doubt any other junkers do of headin' up there.
4.The skype protocol is not for idle chit chat, its f' making some dough, If ya' wanna' plan a heist using it thats fine.

Roight Ah look forward t' hearin from some of ya's... Lets go make some creds' eh!

☼~Message End~☼

╩Signal Lost╩
[font=Impact]*Incoming Transmission*
*Encryption Level: PIGGYBACK*
*Establishing Visual Link......................................................................[Image: 2agiufc.jpg]
*VL Established*
*CptHone of the Mollys*

Well I rekon summit like this been tried afore, still I'll get in on this go, rare day I DON ha a buncha gold ore floatin aroun, ex property o some eejit BMM. An I know some other folks an all.

SKYPE Hone Nathan data...

Yes, there was a similar project back than, thou I lacked the energy it required to sustain it, and found myself directing my messages to our inner comms instead. Seemed the others on it did the same. Thou that one might work better, so don't exclude me. I'll also be able to direct some experienced extortionists there in the near future.

Skype-protocol ID terminated...
Great Idea, count on the Daumann's.Ploughman to be there with plenty'o K'ruger Booty!!

S.K.Y.P.E: blue_iezz
**Boosting Signal**