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Full Version: Providing more information for your base
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The Player Base Status page now has a "more" link that leads to posts in this forum.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=304]

To have your base listed with a more tag, you need to create a thread in this forum with the title matching your base name. For the example shown above, there's a thread here titled "Freeport XXI".
Now THAT is awesome.
It appears that clicking on the base's name in the status list links back to the same page.

Is this going to link to a more detailed status page eventually? If not, perhaps the names should be de-linked.

Also, this feature really nice.
Are there all bases have infocards?
Hi all !

I'm starting a spreadsheet on Google Drive with all bases in it, what they sell, buy, system and location.
Anyone want to help me fill it ?

Much appreciated ! :-)

Here's the link :
(01-29-2013, 04:28 PM)DSE)Spartan Wrote: [ -> ]Hi all !

I'm starting a spreadsheet on Google Drive with all bases in it, what they sell, buy, system and location.
Anyone want to help me fill it ?

Much appreciated ! :-)

Here's the link :

First, forgive me for my english, but I hope that will be understandable. Also, I hope that I will not be punished by moderators if my post should be placed in other section. In only a few words, about me, I'm one of those big fans of MyBB. I use this forum software since 2008 and I'm very glad to see that it is used, also, by this community. In past, I collaborated with some MyBB communities, like Yaldaram, MyBB Romania and of course, with the official MyBB community. I'm also a student of a private IT Academy from my country, at PHP Development section, but this is less important.

---- // ----


I have an idea about how can be improved "Player Base Status" page, and I would like to know your opinion, in this regard. I saw this attemp and I think it was a great initiative, which unfortunately, it seems that has been abandoned. But, starting from the idea belonging to DSE)Spartan, perhaps we could create something similar, more efficient: I mean... a custom plugin that can be easy implemented in serverinterface.php page, with only one hook.

I will try to explain with more details:
- this plugin, let's call it "Player Bases Infocards", should be able to offer three new interfaces:
  • One for owners
    - this can be implemented in User CP as an additional link to a custom new page where the owner of a station will be able to enter detailed information about his base, in some predefined fields:

    1. base name
    2. a screenshot (*optional - can be used a default image for those which don't have one)
    3. IFF (affiliation)
    4. docking rights (could be with 2 options: "free" or "at request")
    5. description (restricted to a certain number of characters)
    6. location (system and coordinates)
    7. what kind of commodities buy and sell (and also the prices offered)

    Of course, can be added much more fields but these are given only as example.
  • One for guests
    - this can be implemented in Player Base Status page as a link to a custom new page where the guests should be able to see all information provided by owner.
    - I said as a link because I don't think that would be a good ideea to implement all these informations direct in Player Base Status page, to avoid unnecessary queries. Of course, all these informations can be stored using the cache system (I hope that you will understand what I want to say).

  • One for admins
    - this can be implemented in AdminCP in order to manage the rights for users and also to edit all informations.

This is only a brief description about what should to offer this plugin, but I really think that using something like this, would have several advantages, instead of using a table in Google docs.

Will be nice if other members of our community (with php/mybb skills), would like to be involved in a project like this.
Anyway, if you think a such plugin will be useful, as developer, I'm able to create one and I can start from today. Of course, a beta version and a link to a test page, as example, will be provided to admins, immediately when will be ready (I hope, in a few days).

Thank you.

//L.E. All I need to know (better via pm - security reasons), is the type of Database Engine used by forum (i think is MySQL Improved, but I need to be sure) and version of MyBB (I hope to be at least 1.6.9)
Since I´m not sure where to post it, I will try here. It seems there is a bug in base info. Ingame it will let you write paragraphs up to 500 characters (and notifying that limit is 500), but later they are cut only to 252 characters per paragraph. Example:
Quote:Shuri Base serves as a local drop-off point for Helium-3 miners spread around the Okinawa system. The precious gas is prepped there and then awaits transports to haul it off-site to the rest of the Sirius. Docking is open for all ships which are consid

Base, which is currently located in the northern part of the border between sectors G4 and H4, was founded by GMG Guild Master Taro Katsuo at the beginning of the year 819 A.S. as main headquarters for the Katsuo no Seibyou, elite squadron of the GMG p

The company built the base to its current extent and then leased whole section, which represented around third of the whole base, for factories focused on development and production of hi-tech devices. In the middle of the year 822 A.S. the company bec
It was complete after I typed, now it´s cut. So either it should notify directly ingame that limit is 252 characters or it should be fixed to keep the 500 characters per paragraph.

Another issue - it seems that if there is owner change and the original info thread is invised/deleted, the new thread is not properly connected to "more" link in the Player Base Status list. It happened to Shuri Base now, is there possibility to assign the correct thread to it manually? It´s not the only base with this problem, for example Long Island Station has it too. Maybe the reason is that original thread is only invised so the link is still connected to it, but that´s just my guess.
hello i need to replace my info for council civilian cabane in Roussillon

[Image: Hr1peEn.jpg]

thaks by advance


ps: if posted in wrong place, move it please