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The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - The Lane Hackers - 12-21-2007

[Image: 5.png]
The Lane Hackers
"Making the corporate weenies cry, so our kids can live in a free and just galaxy."

"The Lane Hackers are a criminal group with the technical expertise to monitor and disrupt Trade Lanes for the purpose of seizing valuable cargo. The powerful alliance between Lane Hackers, Liberty Rogues and Outcasts serves as the dominant unlawful force in Liberty space and most Independent Worlds."

Internal Communications Protocol

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel is to be used to report regular activities as well at to facilitate communication between Hackers. The Lane Hacker securely encrypted comm channels are constructed to be impenetrable to the dull-witted flunkies of Ageira, Interspace and their silly cohorts in the LPI and LSF. All Lane Hackers must use correct hacking protocols at all times. All comm channel hacks should follow following encoding procedure.

...{rank}.{alias}.recognized...encoding.transmission...[/color][/font][font=Open Sans][indent][align=justify][color=LightSeaGreen]



The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - James nantze - 12-22-2007
.comm.ID.Trainie Robin Hood recognized .transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Greetings. The Interogator is operational, but is currently ladden with Cardimine and Lane Hacker pilots we rescued from the slaver's union. Once we doel these out to ships that need them we can take on more for interogation. May I recomend that once this business has accumalated enough funds we might purchase a pirate transport? We could use the extra room for prolonged interogation and cardimine storage. My Dagger will be out collecting interogaties as soon as thsi hack is done. For the Lane Hackers!
RH out.
Hack Ended

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Gabriel Carranza - 12-22-2007
.comm.ID.Trainie Dark Avenger recognized .transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Greetings, this is Trainee Dark Avenger reporting for duty, in these days i've been able to collect data of many liberty systems, apart from intercepting many liberty navy and police wings near mactan Base, probably looking for cruicial information or just doing a recon on the area, i'll deliver these pilots ASAP.
Also i've managed to collect important information about some vessels in the NY system, i'll present an inform as soon as the data is properly encrypted and compressed.

This is Dark Avenger logging out. terminated.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Kazyumi - 12-23-2007 recognized.transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

This is Onryo, giving a summary of her progress in the service of the Lane Hackers.

1) Providing the following pilots for mania-interrogation: 10 civilian pilots, 10 liberty police pilots, 10 Bounty Hunter pilots Status: completed
2) Successfully hacking The Lane Hacker secure comm channel for reports on at least 3 separate days Status: in progress
3) Complete at least 5 hours of service in good standing Status: completed4) Contribution of 1 CODENAME weapon to the Lane Hacker R & D Department. Status: completed
5) Complete an intelligence gathering mission. More information is available in The Lane Hacker Technical Bulletin. Status: completed
6) Members of the Lane Hacker Smuggling Ring must provide the clan with a full cargo hold of Cardamine from their smuggling vessel. Status: doesn't apply to me
7) Correctly answer a 3 question quiz about the Lane Hacker piracy protocols, and area of operations. Status: pending
8) Maintain 1 Lane Hacker pilot and 1 unit of Cardamine on your ship at all times. If you die in combat, Cardamine replacements will be provided by the clan. Status: pending
9) Demonstrate mastery of the tactics and combat skills contained in The Lane Hacker Technical Bulletin.
* Trainees should focus their efforts on becoming proficient in Lane Hacker piracy techniques, efficient teamwork, and tactical combat.
*Optional: Trainees that submit a biography of their pilot to The Lane Hacker Senior Director are eligible to receive a mark 8 armor upgrade from the clan. Status: completed, pending reward terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 12-23-2007
.comm.ID.Trainie Blofeld recognized .transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Engagement report

note that the following situation happened 2 days ago, my flight recorder was damaged under the fight and it took time to recover the data

I was flying back from a scout mission in the desolate systems of Liberty. As I was exhausted after the long misison I decided to take a trade lane in the California system to get to the home base faster.

This proved a big mistake....

Just as I neared planet Los Angeles I detected an LSF vessel on my scanners. I dropped out of the Trade Lane immediately and engaged my cruise engines. Enemy fighter closed the distance to me and I managed to get a scan.

[Image: koace2t.jpg]

Seeing that this vessel outmatched my Dagger I tried to escape, but was stopped by a cruise disruptor. Another LSF Raven Claw came to my range and they instructed me to stop. As I had one Codename weapon in my hold I decided to make a run for it.

While under fire from the two fighters I dodged on thruster to the Cortez jump hole. After jumping to Cortez I immediately engaged the cruise engine to get out of range, but one of the fighters managed to fire a cruise disruptor again.

My only choice was to go on thurster to the Magellan jump hole. I made it there even under heavy fire from the LSF ships, I had to chance my direction many times as the LSF ships were using cruise engines to fly ahead of my suspected path and open fire uppon my arrival.

After jumping to Magellan I finally managed to succesfully enter cruise, with the LSF fighters right behind me I entered the Vespucci jump hole. Only one enemy pursued me trough, but he was immediately under fire from defensive platforms on the other side, this made him turn around and jump back.I landed on America shortly after.

During the entire pursuit LSF ships managed to score only 2 hits on my fighter. The first hit dropped my shield and the second one lowered my hull strength to half.

I advise all hacker trainees to avoid coming under fire from LSF ships as the Dagger is too weak to ensure their survival. terminated.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 12-24-2007

…… recognized….transmission.encrypted…uploading data…

The Fridge :: Status Report

Refrigerator, Pirate Transport nicknamed "The Fridge"

Cargo hold content:

A mixture of unfriendly pilots, mostly Bounty Hunters
1 surplus Lane Hacker pilot
huge amount of Cardamine available (2600+)

nine shiny trader-butt-kicking class four Transport Turrets
enhanced thruster & CM dropper
Advanced Transport Graviton Shield
Train Cruise Disruptor
Armor Upgrade Mk.V (stronger seemed like a waste of money)

also known as "Tough Look, Big Belly & Sharp Teeth"

This vessel will from now on be identifying itself as a Smuggler.
Piracy conducted by The Fridge will be reduced to minimum.


Helpless Transports' and Trains' cargo pods will be targeted only (for more on this technique, see the Lane Hacker Technical Bulletin)

Personal log:
Lane Hacker ID was bringing more troubles than it was worth. For example, when I was stopped by an LSF ship near the eastern edge of The Barrier in Magellan, I was carrying nothing of an interest to them. Nevertheless, I heard: "Hacker vessel, you will be terminated." Like in their worst dreams, I managed to break through the blockade and escape to the Barrier while under heavy fire. Thanks to friendly reinforcements, I made it home to Mactan, alive.

……….hack terminated…

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 12-24-2007
.comm.ID.Trainie Blofeld recognized .transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Recon report

further data extracted from my damaged flight recorder

While on a scout mission in the New York system I found a huge minefield with a jumpgate inside. After a while I managed to find the entrance and flew to the jump gate.

I took the jump gate and arrived in a strange system with low visibility. The system contains several prison stations as well as a Navy shipyeard. There were Navy, BHG and Order ships flying around.... but then an unknown signature appeared on my radar.

[Image: nf1t.jpg][Image: nf2t.jpg]

Those were the Nomads that I only heard rumours about!! Even though I showed no sign of hostility they opened fire on me. Their weapons proved very powerfull downing the shields on my Dagger in a single hit.I was however able to escape to to their lack of cruise disruptor. I continued my exploration of the system and found a whole nomad battlegroup:

[Image: nf3t.jpg]

I sucesfully completed my mission even though I was cruise disrupted by BHG and Navy patrols a few times and I returned to Mactan without any significant damage on my ship. terminated.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - James nantze - 12-24-2007 recognized.transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Action Report:

Today as I was patroling the space ajacent to Mactan, I encontered a Navy Pilot flying a CSV. After a few words, he engaged me and we fought for a while. I got the better of him, and because of my lack of cruise disrupter missiles he ran. As I chased him he accused me of Modifying me engines in violation of the serius convention. He eventually stopped to attempt to dock at a trade lane, but I disrupted it and proceeded to give him his cumupence, when he disapeared! Vanished without a trace! I think this stange phenomena needs further study. Here are the info logs from my ship.

RH out
Hack over......

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - James nantze - 12-28-2007 recognized.transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Report of the Interogator:

Greetings. Trainie Frosty handed over 30 pilots for interogation today.
Here is the proof of transaction:

End Hack

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Virus - 12-28-2007 recognized.transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Highwayman here. Just reporting my presence.

I've just managed to get my hands on a Starflier on Manhattan and will be heading toward Mactan as soon as I am able. I also don't think I will be needed your financial support. The Hackers on Buffalo should pay me well enough for odd jobs. I'll report in on my promotion status later. terminated..