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Admin Notice: Lost Characters or Accounts? - Gheis - 04-15-2013


Old-Admin notice for future admins
DUE TO THE SPECIFIC NATURE OF SHIP BALANCE CHANGES, IT IS FORBIDDEN TO RESTORE INACTIVITY-WIPED SHIPS BY THE ADMINISTRATION TEAM. If you are forced to restore -anything- from a backup due to other reasons not related to this thread, double-check the .fl file for the correct engine and powerplant.

Gheis Notice for Unlucky Souls: Gheis hasn't been active in a very long time. You can PM me, but I won't ever read it. You're best off to look to a current administrator for help.


Freelancer is an old game. Unlike today's titles where all of your progress is kept server-side and your account information is accessible anywhere via a simple login feature, we are stuck with what limits the game places on us. If you do not manually back-up your account information from your PC, there is a huge chance that sooner or later you can lose access to your progress.

It happens. We understand. This is the thread that will help you in those rare cases. All you need to do is to follow three essential steps to restore your accounts in the case of character loss.

~The administration team

Provide us with all the necessary information

The premise is simple. If you accidentally deleted a character, it will be restored from the last server backup. If you lost access to your account, your existing ships will be given a /movechar command code and you will be able to transfer them to your new account manually. Before you can do that:

[b]Character Names:[/b] names go here
[b]Reason for Restoration:[/b] explain what happened

[b]New Character Name:[/b] give us the name of at least one character on your new account
First of all, you will need to copy-paste the form above and fill in the needed information. We are looking for the names of your characters. In the case of multiple accounts, try to provide the names of at least one character per account.

Secondly, tell us what happened that lead to the loss of these characters. Use this line to also specify whether or not these characters are shared between you and other members, or are they your own personal ships.

The third part is simple - create a single character on your new account and provide us the name. This will be used for verification purposes as well as where you will have money transferred from one of your characters for you to use the /movechar command.

Notice: Characters that have been lost due to inactivity wipe (read: have not been logged for 6 months) will not be restored.
The administration team may decline your request for character restoration in certain cases, for example: if we cannot fully confirm that the characters belong to you.

Wait for your request to be processed

Have patience. Restoration and retrieval of characters is a manual process and will be done by a Server Administrator. You will receive a Private Message regarding your particular case and will be given either the codes to the characters which you can then use to move them with or the further instructions in order to do so.

In the cases where the restored characters are the only ones the player has, the temporary ship will have some credits transferred to it from the lost characters, in order to allow the player to execute the /movechar command.

Ensure you do not need to ever use this thread again

Restoring lost characters is bothersome for both the player who cannot enjoy the game and the admin who has to look through logs and manually set up everything in order to process the restoration request. It only makes sense that it would be easier for both sides not to have to deal it in the first place. As such, the third and final step is simple:


You can do so by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to your Discovery Freelancer Launcher and click the My Accounts tab.

Step 2: Click the ''Import/Export'' button and then "Export All Accounts" to your Desktop.

Step 3: Place the exported XML file on your USB Thumb Drive, Phone, Email it to yourself or place it on your Google Drive account.

To IMPORT the accounts simply go back to Step 2 and use the "Import DSLauncher Accounts" option and select your file from whichever location you placed it in.

RE: Admin Notice: Lost Characters or Accounts? - Venture - 01-19-2014

Character Name(s):Blimp

Additional Information: Well,i have all my ships intact,i did lost a few during rollback,but i had this GMG whale wayyy long before it,so I'd like it back.

That was deleted for inactivity - Hawk

RE: Admin Notice: Lost Characters or Accounts? - hasib_reza - 01-23-2014

Dear Admin,

After the new update i have lost several charecters of my three accounts in the Freelancer RP/24 server.. Please reactive them if its not too much to ask. Carecter names are given below:

1. hasib_reza


Restored - Hawk

RE: Admin Notice: Lost Characters or Accounts? - djoser1970 - 01-23-2014

(01-12-2014, 10:34 PM)Redirion Wrote: Character Name(s):

Additional Information:
I am certain that all my ships were still there before the rollback happened. I didn't log afterwards.
Now all my ships are gone. The account codes are still in my posession and the accounts were never shared.
Please tell me there is a chance to restore them..

All are gone - Dauntless

Hello connect with me when you get this I have a gift for ya, just a nice guy wanting to help

RE: Admin Notice: Lost Characters or Accounts? - Vredes - 01-25-2014

Character Name(s):

Additional Information:
I've decided to log back after a couple of months away from Disco only to see that 2 of my ships are GONE. I am sure they were not deleted because the last time I flied them was 2-3 months ago. Don't rly know what happend, but these were some of my most expensive ships.

[RF]Volkenkopf has been restored. It was deleted, because the last date you flew it was deleted by the rollback.

[RF]Sturmgewehr has not been deleted. It's still out there, was moved to another account and flew less than a week ago. You might want to talk to anyone else who had access to that account. - Hawk

RE: Admin Notice: Lost Characters or Accounts? - bormos3 - 01-26-2014

(01-16-2014, 06:57 PM)bormos3 Wrote: Was this created during the time that was rolled back? - Dauntless was created before that.....

I remember that I got in a bit of a conflict between rheinland and liberty so I decided to buy a zoner ship because they were neutral to them , so it's weird that they just disappeared.

RE: Admin Notice: Lost Characters or Accounts? - Maxi_Fox - 01-26-2014

Char delete only why i check if the odyssey account is banned or not first i know the reason of the ban

The ships were just deleted, but the account is not banned - Hawk

RE: Admin Notice: Lost Characters or Accounts? - spacedragon - 01-27-2014

Miss my Salvager (.:j:.Steel.Rancher)... Don't know what happened - maybe i made a mistake in reorganizing my accounts. Bought it on January 3rd, 821 and used it last time on 11/01, so it cannot be for inactivity...

It appears that ship was moved to another account less than a month ago and then deleted. It also appears that several people had access to that account. You should probably be more careful about sharing your accounts. - Hawk

RE: Admin Notice: Lost Characters or Accounts? - An'shur - 01-27-2014

Character names:
FRAN (Firefly)
Kha*Os (Sascya-Nomad assassin)
D3N13L (Lynx)
These characters belongs to my brother, not registered on forums. He reinstalled windows. When he tried to log on, chracters weren't available. When he tried to create new chracter of same name (FRAN), game wrote him that name exist. So, characters are still alive, but he cannot log on them. Please respond soon as possible.

You'll receive a PM in a minute. ~ ae

RE: Admin Notice: Lost Characters or Accounts? - Nuster - 01-27-2014


really sorry to bother but yet another silly person lost his acc;/

Character Name(s):

Additional Information:
I reinstalled Windows and backed up my original freelancer data... because I'm a derp.

I really wanna get back in space ;/ im checking this every day few times Big Grin

You'll receive a PM in a minute. ~ ae