Planet Kyushu

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Planet Kyushu
Planet Kyushu.jpg

Owner Kusari State Police
Location 3E/3F, Kyushu
Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Technical information
Population unknown
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 13,820 km
Mass 5.98 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -38°C to 40°C
Escape velocity 11.99 km/sec

The planet Kyushu was first surveyed in 65 A.S. by the Kusari explorer Isao Yoshida, and colonists from New Tokyo landed on the planet later the same year. Although Kyushu is severely lacking in mineral resources, it does possess a near perfect climate for rice farming. It also has the largest land masses of any inhabited world in Kusari, all of which are eminently suited for agriculture. Settlers found it easy to settle in various locations on the planet, and for centuries, the population steadily grew. The population has risen above 6.5 billion as of 819 A.S., which makes it the most densely populated Kusari planet after New Tokyo. Kyushu is very different from New Tokyo however. Instead of building large towering cities, the population of Kyushu is spread out over the various continents, with large farms and small cities across the globe.

As available land on New Tokyo started to decline, immigration to Kyushu steadily increased. Over time, Samura took advantage of this by opening several large industrial complexes on the planet. Labor costs on Kyushu are relatively cheap, and land costs are, for Kusari standards, rock-bottom. The planet evolved into a world that focuses largely on basic food production, and effectively feeds the majority of Kusari. However, the Kyushu farmers face increasing competition from Synth Foods, whose products are becoming more popular among the Kusari youth. This has caused the demand and price for the naturally grown foods to fall, and living standards on Kyushu have declined as a result of it. This has given rise to the ultranationalist Farmers Alliance terrorist group, who viciously target any Synth Foods transports they come across.

Missions Offered

No missions offered here

Bribes Offered