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Syros Shipyard
Syros Shipyard.jpg
Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
5C, Omicron-94
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 300

Syros was a project undertaken by the Corsair nation in 802 AS, overseen by one of Crete's powerful military families. Originally intended to act primarily as the base of operations for forces in the area, the station was later expanded to include a dry dock. Since the creation of the dry-dock, Syros has been known dubbed a "Shipyard" and has acted as a servicing and repair facility for Osiris, and now Legate class battleships. After the Delos' deployment to Omicron-94, Syros Shipyard was expanded to include a secondary dry-dock, the construction of which is still underway and is estimated to reach completion over the next 12 months. Despite its size and facilities, constructions of new vessels rarely take place at Syros due to the difficulty of transporting raw materials to the region.

Missions Offered

No missions offered here

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