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Full Version: Reeeee's characters and memeback
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Character List

✓ = actively played | in-depth/history rich character
Primary Factions or Main Characters
Avery Reeves[Image: Flag-liberty.png] Liberty[LN] - Liberty NavyLawful Good
Lukas Keller✓[Image: Flag-rheinland.png] Rheinland-}- Bretonia Armed Forces Lawful Neutral
Aidan Reeves[Image: Flag-liberty.png] LibertyBHG| - Bounty Hunters GuildChaotic Good
Damian Morreti✓[Image: Flag-outcasts.png] MaltaXA - Xeno AllianceChaotic Neutral
Secondary Factions or rarely played Characters
Ryan Walthers[Image: Flag-liberty.png] Liberty NC- The National CouncilLawful Evil
Derek Hunt / "Tacitus"[Image: mn1QK0X.png] AuxesianA/) - AuxesiaNeutral Good
"Scorpion"[Image: ffPGQ1R.png] OrderGRI| Gallic Royal IntelligenceChaotic Evil
Tertiary Factions or Characters on Hold
Mara Rothstein[Image: Flag-rheinland.png] RheinlandRheinland Military - IndieLawful Evil
Raimis Argant[Image: 90px-Flag-gallia.png?dateline=1354467234] GalliaBDM| Buro Der MemesChaotic Neutral
"Ichaival"[Image: Flag-rheinland.png] RheinlandRed Hessian ArmyLawful Evil

If I missed any, let me know.
Lukas keller alignment = anna heinrich

Keller good char tho, cool to see some leftovers from the beginning.
UPDATE: Some alignments have changed. See if you can figure out which. Also hi.
2020 update, an alignment change and faction change. Not much else.