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Ageira Innovations is the official branch of Ageira Technologies. Our vision is to innovate the field beyond current capabilities and our mission is to provide clients with the best products on the market.


Access to a near-perfect reputation sheet if you choose to start new life with Ageira Innovations.
Access to unique mission board that challenges you to a series of objectives that are generously rewarded.
Access to approximately 20% more profitable trade route and awesome tool that guides you through best Ageira trade routes.
Access to Ageira Heavy Transport "Stegodon", a custom made livery and additional 200 units of cargo over the regular version of Liberty Heavy Transport "Bison".


Write a short application by including your name and short autobiography.

[color=LightSkyBlue][b]Name Surname[/b][/color] INSERT

[Image: fZqZyxc.png]
Application to Ageira
Name Surname: Pioneer Xi

Autobiography: Freelancer trader that had been an outsourced subcontractractor Ageira transports. Answering Ageira recruitment thread to move to inhouse transport with Company benefits.
Vessel is Bison painted in Ageira livery with Ageira station access codes and ID.

(01-30-2015, 11:09 PM)Pioneer Wrote: [ -> ]Application to Ageira
Name Surname: Samuel "Kappa" Jackson

Autobiography: 34 year old freelancer transport captain recently looking for contractor company in Liberty. I drive anything anywhere.

Name Surname Daniel Belle
Well I was born on Planet Denver in 790 A.S, the only child of two DSE engineers that were usually away in Kusari working on their development of Jumpgates and Trade Lanes. Most of my childhood was spent with my nanny, growing up on Denver. When I was old enough, I spent some time in Hokkaido with my father working on the Jump Gate that was being made out there. I became pretty interested with all of the Ageira tech that the DSE workers were using out there and I've decided that I want to work with some of that stuff. The advancement of technology is also very interesting to me and I hope that I can make a difference in technological advances and such.
[Image: Phs38R2.png]

To: Daniel Belle

Dear Mr. Daniel Belle,

We are glad to receive your application and after cross-checking your information. Welcome to our corporation. We expect you to make a great career and make us proud.


Kevin Brown,
Human Resources Manager,
Ageira Innovations
[Image: fZqZyxc.png]

Name Surname Oleg Nikolayevich Petrov
AutobiographyAutobiography, Vhat do you vant mine history for? You vant me be silly storyteller or research scientist?

I come from far away place. I sure Libertonian never been that far. I vas born on Mykolaiv Research Station in Omega-52. My father vas weapons scientist for the SCRA. He promised coalition a death ray. But fearing the Coalition would use it indiscriminately before it vas complete he left on transport with my mother and me and defected to Liberty. Father died soon after and this veapon vas never completed. Even at a young age I vanted to complete my father's life work.

I studied hard and vas accepted into the University of Manhattan. I excelled in physics specializing in plasma harmonics and quantum singularities. Having received diploma I now am applying to Ageira so I can complete father's veapon.

Death ray potentially make much profit for Ageira, No?
Name Surname: Arthur ''Artoliastur'' Turrigan

I was born in the Texas system, from a modest family owner of a small crematory service on planet Houston. Finding life rather dull and unrewarding on the Texan world, I brought myself a cargo using funds given by my family then started my career as a trader, at first bringing Liberty Ale form Manhattan to Pittsburgh as a freelancer and eventually funded myself a ship worth its weight in gold to allow me higher and risker trading.

As of late I have worked as a contractor to Ageira Innovations, Bringing safely trade and gates lanes parts to the confines of the Sirius system, but I'd like to officially join the company as a fully-fledged employee. I can guarantee you that I would be a fine addition to Ageira Innovations workforce. On this I wish you a good day, and safe travel along the stars.

Requesting membership to Ageira Innovations.
Currently awaiting ship restoration.
[Image: 2wflmxk.jpg]

----- From Nicholas Rush -----
----- To: Ageira Innovations -----
----- Subject: Application form -----

Name: Dr. Nicholas Rush

My name is Doctor Nicholas Rush, although I am from Bretonia, I've lived in Liberty for many years. I was born at Glasgow Outpost, Leeds. I was interested in science from the very young age. I was fascinated with high-speed space travel on long distance. That's why I decided to attend one of the most prestigious schools in the Sirius sector at planet Cambridge. My specialization is high-tech, theoretical physics and modern materials. I could provide you more information about my research later. I am also familiar with some of the artifacts studies. Well, then I worked at Cambridge Research Institute but shortly after that I received very generous offer from Ageira Technologies. I didn't hesitate and I moved right away to Colorado where I worked at Pueblo Station in Research and development division. It was very interesting and very well paid job.

After several years I suffered from a burned out syndrome, our research got stuck and we couldn't move on. I couldn't go on like this so I quit the job. Fortunately I earned a lot of money so I made my dream come true. I purchased deep space explore vessel and spent months all around the Sirius sector studying edge worlds, anomalies and laws of physics... alone. I forgot to mention, I had a family, I had a wife but she died several years ago. That was the time I decided to dedicate my life to science. I don't have much free time, when I do I usually still work but I tend to think more out of the box, different point of views, more dimensions, I would like to show you my thoughts on a subject called "Fingerprints of God in the cosmic background radiation" but we would need more time. Let's continue, when I got back from the journey I spent all time analyzing and studying my data and I needed more money to pursue my ultimate goals. I took my last credits and bought a transport with two escort ships and hired pilots. And now here I am waiting for a fresh start asking you for a job. I can offer you my reliable services of a long distance transportation, a vigilant escort and last but not least my personal scientific experience and skills.

Dream to worlds beyond,
Signed Doctor Nicholas Rush

Transmission offline

[Image: Phs38R2.png]

To: Public

Dear Public

We are glad to announce that we have some open slots and so we invite motivated and talented people to join up with the brightest corporation in Sirius.


Kevin Brown,
Human Resources Manager,
Ageira Innovations
[Image: fZqZyxc.png]
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