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[Image: transmissiontop.png]
[font=Garamond]It has come to my attention that Interspace Neuralnet Division have placed a bounty on the Rogues. I
learned this after escaping a mercenary shouting, "You should have known better than to push your
luck with the IND.
" Isn't that special? It wasn't a difficult task to derive the meaning of the phrase
after being attacked several times by bounty hunters, mercenaries, and freelancers, that we were
being targeted. Of course, none were successful in targeting my crew.

It's not a huge concern. The Liberty Rogues have always been hated. We always have someone that
wishes to destroy us. It is the disrespect that the Interspace flunkies have shown that bothers me.
Because of this, I'm opening a bounty on them. I'm not so interested in what you say to them before
ending their miserable lives. Just take care of the job. They aren't so special as to deserve some notice.

Any IND tagged ship is to be targeted. Each kill will be rewarded with a seven million (7,000,000) Sirius
credit bounty. Those who claim multiple times will be given bonuses at my discretion. As the target
frequents many systems, this bounty is available for collection anywhere in Sirius. Anywhere. I do
expect the usual proof. You know what you're about. Guncams, timestamps, explosions. Excellent
documentation of their demise will be rewarded with a bonus as well.

Unlawful mercenaries and freelancers interested in this deal may apply here to collect as well.

The following individuals and organizations are welcome to collect:

[ I ] (Hogosha)
LH~/none (Lane Hackers)
-RPU- (Rogue Pirating Union)

Maria Stevens
Briar Fawkes
Eric Mason
Hayley Skye


Again, if you do not see your name, ship or organization on the list, contact me here. We'd love to see
more people take advantage of this opportunity.

Make them cry.
[Image: transmissionbottom.png]

Congratulations to the Liberty Rogues for a textbook robbery!

This bounty is officially supported and endorsed by The Lane Hackers. The Interspace Commerce, Schmuck Department, should get some scars that are too large to brag about.
[Image: transmissiontop.png]
[font=Garamond]The bounty has been changed to seven million.

Original transmission has been changed to reflect this.
[Image: transmissionbottom.png]
Incoming Transmission...

Comm ID: Maria Stevens
Location: -unknown-

Greetings Mr. Malfient,

My name is Maria Stevens, Im one of those persons others call Freelancers. I think we havent had the please of meeting each other yet, but I have been flying and damaging Libertonian property with some of your Rogues. If you ask around, they should know me and the way I deal with the ones on the other side of the guns.

The deal you are offering here seems to be a very interesting one, so... if you would let me deal with those rich arrogant f... guys Ill do it and you wouldnt have to worry too much as long as the payment satisfies me.

Just in chase you need that, here are some neural net entries showing my loyality.
Neutral Net entry 1
Neutral Net entry 2

Tell me if you want me to do that for you.


Transmission terminated..
Connecting to Secure channel 3-***-*69-***-77...
Password required...
Password entered, verifying... ... ...
password accepted..
Legion Secure line opened...
message status:
in progress...
Comms ID: Fleet Admiral Richard Wainwright
Target ID: Dervin Malfient

Mr Malfient. Yes, we know all about you. You, however, obviously know nothing about us. It's this kind of error that ends up with the ignorant getting killed. It's time you did your homework.

Wainwright out.

Message status: complete...
Message Sent...
Closing connection...

Transmission ended...
[Image: suepost.png]

'Oy, ah wanna piece 'o dis action!

Mah ships transponder reads ' Sue ' as me dad name it afteh meh 'efore 'e kicked de buket.

[Image: transmissiontop.png]
[font=Garamond]Sue McCrae: My dear, I would be most pleased to have you join in the hunt for these undesirables.
However, we would like to be sure that you aren't playing both sides of the fence. I would ask only to see
two things, your reputation with my Rogues, and your distaste of Interspace.

Wainwright: I'll tell you what else I don't understand. How can one understand someone who they
never see? Perhaps we'll be able discuss it when I finally see you flying. In the meantime, my crew have
aided you in hunting the Liberty Navy forces in the past, and I thought that perhaps that history indicated
at least a measure of friendliness. I'll keep in mind that it does not. Your organization has been duly
removed from the list.

Maria Stevens: Mrs. Stevens, I look forward to reports of fireworks, and doling out bounty funds owed.
[Image: transmissionbottom.png]
Message corrupted. Attempting repair...

Partial repair successful. Displaying text...


Hey. Briar Fawkes of the Smoke.and.Mirrors here. Sign us up. We're Rogues working out of Padua. The Smoke and Mirrors is a modified Train we captured... good ship.

Not much traffic through Galileo, but we'll catch the ones you run out of Cortez.

<div align="right]<
[Image: transmissiontop.png]
[font=Garamond]As a Rogue, we'd love to have you collect on these traders. Better to keep the money in the family, no?
[Image: transmissionbottom.png]
>Incoming Transmission Node
>Error: Signal Not Recognized
>Error: Trace Protocol Will Not Lock

Why Hello There. I see you Hate the IND. Looks like we are similar in that
matter. So why not Register me name in your Database of people
who can collect on this Bounty, and ile see what i can do by removing
them from the land of the livin. Im A unlawful merc, and i hate them
Lawfuls and Annoying Libertonian Capital Ships. My Name is Eric Mason.
You Might of heard of me. If not, Better. Dont like my Name getting
around much. Creates to much unwanted attention.
Hope To Hear back from you soon.

>Transmission Ceased At Source
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