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The Tal Ravis Chronology - t0l - 05-10-2019

[Image: YYZ0KMO.png]

The Tal Ravis Chronology

A collection of every story, roleplay, and communication involving the main protagonist of Discovery Freelancer, Tal Yahalom "Underscore" Ravis, now arranged in chronological order for your viewing convenience.

Wiki Page: Tal Ravis

Liberty Police Incorporated - 820 A.S.

Resignation Letter - April 11
Tal gives the Liberty Police a tearful goodbye as he goes on to pursue riches among the stars.

Haven Tactical Security - 820 A.S.

Personal Database - "Tal Ravis" - April 21
Tal's brief journal chronicling his time as part of his startup contracting company.

To: Derrick Rose, Haven Tactical Security - April 30
Tal and his wingman are recruited by an enterprising Freelancer for a daring mission into Gallia.

To: McFarlen's Free Company - May 13
Tal packs up his belongings and heads to Bretonia in preparation for his first major contract.

To: All of Sirius - May 19
Tal attempts to find more work on the Neural Net after an unsuccessful outing in Gallia.

Message to: New Freeport 101 Owners - May 24
Tal updates a base owner on contract circumstances.

Freelancer - 820 A.S.

Ravis Family Journal - September 10
Tal attempts to overcome burned bridges with his stepbrothers, but ultimately fails.

To: Whomever it may concern in the Liberty Navy.
Tal updates the Liberty Navy on the status of his stepbrother, Hudson.

Junker Marauders - 821 A.S.

Misplaced Identity - February 23
Tal commits accidental identity theft and finds himself getting roped into something much greater.

To: Liberty Government, CC: Liberty Law Enforcement - July 8
Tal acquires approval from the Libertonian government to construct a base.

To: The Junker Marauders - July 8
Tal has a business proposal for an orbital installation near Beaumont Base.

To: Junkers Congress - July 13
Tal attempts to get the Congress on board with his plans.

To: LR-, PLR - July 13
Tal attempts to not have his base destroyed by the local pirates.

To: Texas Red;California Camouflage;Washington Rainbow - August 27
Tal confronts the first wave of Rogues attempting to siege Beaumont Spire.

The Core - 822-823 A.S.

Desert Treasure - July 27
Tal experiences the harsh reality of modern war.

Desert Treasure: The Holiday Special - December 25
Tal heads home for the holidays, but all is not as it once was.

The Feud - December 30
Tal returns to Nauru to find himself caught in a local family feud.

To: Tal Ravis - January 15
A furry gets mad.

To: Komachi Kurosawa, Koftik - January 18
Tal finds evidence of ancient ruins on Nauru, and enlists the aid of a Freelancer to help investigate.

Underground Pass - January 21
Tal and Komachi set out to navigate a precarious ancient underground passageway.

Freelancer - 823 A.S.

To: Core|WV-Danger.Zone - April 8
Tal attempts to aid a horrid monstrosity never before seen in the Sirius Sector.

To: Tal Ravis - April 23
Tal is enlisted to assist a Blood Dragon invasion of Planet Tomioka.

To: Eliza Valdez - April 25
Tal tells his girlfriend about his great big plans.

Operation Kantaku - April 29
Tal leads various mercenary forces into combat on Planet Tomioka.

To: The Core - May 2
Tal wants his money back.

To: Enma Loyola - May 8
Tal runs up a check.

Strictly Business - August 24
Tal and Komachi find themselves back on Nauru in a familiar situation.

Gas Miners Guild - 823-824 A.S.

To: Gas Mineros - September 18
Tal defends Iejima Station from maruading Corsairs.

Emergency Flash: Gas Miners Guild Paramilitary - October 15
Tal and his interceptor squadron are called upon when anomalies are detected in the Sigmas.

Views from Iejima - December 26
Tal spends Christmas on Iejima Station.

To: Tal Ravis - January 22
Tal is called upon to aid his girlfriend in a daunting task.

Desert Treasure 2 - February 12
Tal and Komachi prepare to go on yet another adventure on Nauru.

Discharge Notice - April 24
Tal is dismissed from the Gas Miners Guild following the disappearance of Keiji Namura.

Freelancer - 824 A.S.

Freedman - May 25
Tal tries to find a sense of belonging.

To: Tal 'Underscore' Ravis - June 1
Tal ignores a peculiar communication.

L&V (+T) - June 11
Tal runs into two old friends on Freeport 11.

Cooking Competition! - June 15
Tal gives some sage culinary advice.

Saving Guildmaster Namura - August 1
Tal saves Keiji Namura.

Tal’s Spectacular Christmas Adventure - December 7
Tal teams up with Santa Claus to slay some furries.

Cold Harbor Special Projects - 826 A.S.

Frontier - February 18
Tal goes exotic places to kill exotic people.

Gran Canaria Safari Co. - March 5 (Coming Soon)
Tal messes up the countryside.

To: Eliza Valdez - March 21
Tal tries to reconcile with his girlfriend.

Tetrahedron Database - April 24
Tal attracts the attention of a curious organization.

Affiliate: Tal Yahalom "Underscore" Ravis - May 7
Tal fills in the gaps in his contract by looking for additional work.

Tal Ravis takes on Bering - May 29
Tal makes one hell of a highlight reel.

RE: The Tal Ravis Chronology - t0l - 05-10-2019

General feedback also goes here, I guess. I hope you have half as much fun reading this as I did writing this, because I didn't.

edit: shoutout to @Commissar because i basically stole his format for this thing lmao

edit: shoutout to @Kaze because i stole his formats for everything else too

edit: shoutout to everyone else i didnt credit for stealing things from and also for roleplaying i guess

RE: The Tal Ravis Chronology - t0l - 05-31-2019

updated to reflect recent events

RE: The Tal Ravis Chronology - Commissar - 02-10-2020

I wandered back through to find a ping and a bunch of Ravis stories. It's a damned travesty this thread hasn't had more replies. Tal's a very real character, and wades regularly through the suck. I don't often check the forums these days, but it's a pleasure to find Tal stories when I do.

Keep on doing your thing.

RE: The Tal Ravis Chronology - Backo - 02-10-2020

Tal Ravis is one of my most (if not the) favourite characters in Discovery. I kinda miss seeing his shenanigans around Sirius.

RE: The Tal Ravis Chronology - Mephistoles - 02-10-2020

A lot of this is not canon, as Guildmaster Keiji Namura never actually went anywhere to be saved from and Tal Ravis was never discharged from The Guild. Otherwise, it's pretty cool.

RE: The Tal Ravis Chronology - Omicega - 02-11-2020

if Tal writes it it's canon

RE: The Tal Ravis Chronology - Groshyr - 02-11-2020

I like his face