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  Developer Notice: Cloak Changes Trial Phase
Posted by: aerelm - Today 06:25 AM - Replies (9)

To keep this as brief as possible:

After various suggestions from the community, cloak plugin is now adjusted so cloaked ships cannot talk in local and system chats anymore. This is only a test period to assess the impact of this change on the server gameplay and no decision is yet made. The trial phase will be running for two weeks from the time of this post and then this change will be re-discussed by the admins team to see whether we'd want to keep this change on Discovery GC or revert back to how it's been until now. Until then, use this thread for discussions, suggestions, and any possible bug reports regarding this change.

Various minor fixes mentioned in Alley's Dev Log are also included along with this change.

P.S: No, this does not include ammo-based cloaks. Those would have to wait for the next actual mod update.

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  Developer Notice: Autobuy Function Fixed
Posted by: aerelm - 07-13-2014 05:54 PM - Replies (28)

The /autobuy command had to be disabled after the initial 4.87 release due to a conflict with Adoxa's ammo limit plugin and a few other technical difficulties it was causing. Thanks to Alley, the command is now adjusted, and with those issues fixed it is now re-enabled and can be used on the server again.

For those of you not old enough to have used this command in the past before it was disabled, here's a quick guide:
/autobuy <param> [on|off]

Let's you specify which Items should be purchased automatically after you land.

Options for <param>:
  • info - displays current autobuy settings
  • missiles - enable/disable autobuy for missiles
  • torps - enable/disable autobuy for torpedoes
  • mines - enable/disable autobuy for mines
  • cd - enable/disable autobuy for cruise disruptors
  • cm - enable/disable autobuy for countermeasures
  • munitions - enable/disable autobuy for munitions
  • reload - enable/disable autobuy for nanobots/batteries
  • all - enable/disable autobuy for everything

Example: /autobuy all on (sets autobuy on for all items)

Use this thread to thank her and/or report any issues you may encounter when using /autobuy.

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  Developer Notice: Ammo Purchase Issue Fixed
Posted by: aerelm - 07-12-2014 06:02 PM - Replies (12)

We've been dealing with a bug for the past couple of updates or so where attempting to buy more than 70 ammo for an equipment confused the poor equipment dealer and made the fella take your money without giving you any ammo in return. Thanks to Alley, that bug is now fixed and is already running on the server, so you'll be able to buy ammunitions with no problem now.

Use this thread to thank her and/or report any issues you may encounter when purchasing ammo.

P.S: She's also working on fixing the /autobuy, so stay tuned, we'll let you know when the feature can be enabled again.

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  Rules updates 09.07.2014
Posted by: mwerte - 07-09-2014 09:29 PM - Replies (7)


  • Added "Political" to 1.1
  • Change "To ensure work of Discovery Freelancer server." to "To develop and safeguard the health of the Discovery Freelancer community, official server, and forums."
  • Added "Abusing Game Exploits" to 6.0
  • Added an appeal process for those banned 6 months or longer. We will no longer be calling bans permanent, rather indefinite.


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