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  Admin Notice: Unique Ships
Posted by: aerelm - 04-01-2014 08:23 PM - Replies (45)

As some may have noticed, the subject of reopening the ability to request unique ships was brought up again a while ago and it sparked some attention among both admins and devs. The subject underwent extensive discussion and a series of voting, and the final decision is to open up this opportunity once again. Ability to request inclusion of new unique ships will be opened up to factions and individuals under a new system, which would allow managing and maintaining said ships with ease.

The SRP regulations have been updated to reflect this change:
(04-01-2014 08:22 PM)aerelm Wrote:  
Unique Ship Request Regulations

0. Requests for unique ships fall under the same conditions as a regular special roleplay request upon approval (e.g. ownership or ship name change would require admin approval), and the owner is required to submit the 1 month and 4 months check-in posts as explained in SRP regulations.

1. One billion credits is the fee for a unique ship application. It will be taken from the character identified and is not refundable, success or fail. Put more than 1 billions on the character at your own risk, as we'll just be zeroing its bank balance.

2. Requests for unique ships require approval of both administrator and development teams. The initial request will undergo an admin vote and if approved, the request will be forwarded to dev team for approval and implementation. Due to technical limitations, it would not be possible to implement a unique ship server-side, so the applicant must understand that the actual implementation of their ship, if approved by both teams, may take up to a few months.

3. The character (not the player) owning the ship must have at least one year of backstory both ingame and on forums. Additionally, the construction of the ship should be roleplayed and documented on forums and needs to involve at least one official faction. Furthermore, background of the ship must fit within the Discovery canon and most not in any way contradict with the established lore.

4. The submitted ship model must be ready for implementation, and should include a functional mesh with proper textures, hitbox and hardpoints as well as infocards and the required .ini adjustments. The model itself cannot be an import and it must meet the quality standards of Discovery mod. Balance of the ship will be decided by the balance team.

5. Unique ships would undergo a monthly activity check after approval, with a set requirement of 6 hours per month. If the owner fails to meet this requirement for two consecutive or three non-consecutive months, the ship will be branded as inactive and removed from the mod.

Use the following form to post a new unique ship request:
Quote:1. Forum name of the owner:

2. Exact name, identification and affiliation of the character:

3. Which official faction(s) were involved in construction of this ship?

4. Provide links to the forum roleplay centered around construction of this ship.

5. Provide a cliffnote/summary for the links provided above.

6. Provide other links to the forum roleplay relevant to the subject of this request.

7. Provide a cliffnote/summary for the links provided above.

8. How long has this character been building its backstory?

9. Provide links to the ship model and other necessary files.

10. If you feel that you would like to provide us with character references, specify whom.

P.S: Needless to say, owners of existing unique ships do not need to submit a request and can continue using their ships with no additional paperwork.

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  The Official April Fools' Contest
Posted by: aerelm - 04-01-2014 05:01 AM - Replies (49)

[Image: April%20Fools.png]

There are 27 altered infocards running on the server at the moment.

Some less obvious than others.

... and some even in Gallia.

So we challenge you, Discovery, to go discover them all.

If you can, which we so genuinely doubt.

... and even though Gallia shouldn't exist.

The person(s) who can find them all, will be generously rewarded.

Unless of course, the above line turns out to be the actual April's fool.

... and no, pirating admins is no fair game today.

As the saying goes, "Go Discoverâ„¢".

but don't share your findings with anyone, because today, everyone's the enemy.

We'll let you know how to submit your results by the end of the day*,
but either way, it'll obviously involve screenshots, so go take some.


* NZ timezone, because that's apparently the official Disco timezone now.

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  Staff Announcement: New Admin
Posted by: Jansen - 03-31-2014 04:54 PM - Replies (107)

Community Staff Announcement

We have decided to add yet another member to the staff, I am fairly sure you all know him well.
For his good work in promoting roleplay and making this server a more fun place:

Everyone, welcome Mr. Altejago to the team!

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Star Removal of the alt forum accounts rule
Posted by: mwerte - 03-21-2014 02:54 PM - Replies (32)

The intent of rule 2.3 was simple, to prevent people from using alternative forum accounts to troll people. This is an admirable goal, unfortunately the execution fell somewhat short, and everybody was effected adversely.

From this point on, rule 2.3

the rules Wrote:2.3 Alt accounts are only allowed for roleplay purposes.
is rescinded.

Please note though; attempts to troll using alternate forum accounts will be harshly punished, and we know who you are.

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