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  Cloak Changes Trial Phase Conclusion
Posted by: aerelm - 09-21-2014 05:03 PM - Replies (14)

As previously announced, system and local chat for cloaked ships were disabled as a trial run to assess its impact on server gameplay. After extensive discussion among the staff, it was decided to re-enable said chats for cloaked ships as the change have not had the desired impact on the server gameplay.

So, as of the time of this notice both local and system chats are re-enabled for cloaked ships. Have fun.

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  Unique Ship Requests Procedure Adjustments
Posted by: aerelm - 09-21-2014 05:00 PM - Replies (3)

Ever since the unique ships request system was reintroduced various interested parties have been working on their own little projects, but due to the extensive amount of roleplay such a request requires, we've been receiving multiple suggestions along the same lines which pointed out the issue with the previous 2-stage approval system. So, the unique ship request system is adjusted and the regulations are changed from:
Quote:0. Requests for unique ships require approval of both administrator and development teams. The initial request will undergo an admin vote and if approved, the request will be forwarded to dev team for approval and implementation. Due to technical limitations, it would not be possible to implement a unique ship server-side, so the applicant must understand that the actual implementation of their ship, if approved by both teams, may take up to a few months.

1. One billion credits is the fee for a unique ship application. It will be taken from the character identified and is not refundable, success or fail. Put more than 1 billions on the character at your own risk, as we'll just be zeroing its bank balance.

Quote:0. Requests for unique ships require approval of both administrator and development teams. The initial request can be relayed through an official faction to be posted in the following subforum for development team approval using the first template provided below and requires the roleplay to be already in the construction stage, but can be posted before the roleplay is concluded. Once the roleplay is finished, the final request can be posted in this subforum for admin approval using the second template provided below. Once a request receives an initial approval it will be added to the game with the next mod update, and upon admin approval the individual will be provided access to the ship.

1. One billion credits is the fee for a unique ship application and must be provided during the initial request stage. It will be taken from the character identified and is not refundable, success or fail. If the request receives initial dev team approval but fails to receive admin approval the owning player could try again with a similar concept in 2 weeks but would have to provide the 1 billion fee again. Put more than 1 billions on the character at your own risk, as we'll just be zeroing its bank balance.

This means while previously individuals had to finish their roleplay before posting the request, which would've meant upon approval they would've had to wait for the next mod update until they could fly their ship ingame, now they can post a separate request to the dev team for an early implementation of their ship into the mod files. With the above adjustments made, applicants may still have to wait until the next mod release to have their ship implemented ingame, but the ability to request an early implementation is intended to reduce the post-approval wait time down to minimum.

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  Activity Tracker For Unofficial Factions
Posted by: Moveit56 - 09-17-2014 09:18 PM - Replies (20)

Have you always wanted your faction to be on the tracker list, yet didn't want to apply for the official status required to get your name a spot?

The Administration team has come to the agreement about opening up a few more features to be made available for the factions not pursuing the official status. The process to getting your faction on the list is quite simple.

  • All requests to be added should be turned in on the Player Requests subforum
  • List the faction name, faction tag, and any relevant links to your faction in the request.
  • A 500 million credit fee is to be deducted - Include the ship name which the credits are located on.
  • Acknowledge that a minimum of six hours per month total is required to remain on the tracker.

At the end of every month, we'll check the list to make sure that everyone signed up for this system is making their time quota.

Happy tracking.

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  Gallia changes
Posted by: Tunicle - 09-14-2014 08:20 AM - Replies (34)

Over a number of months players have made suggestions concerning Gallic systems and the factions based in Gallia.

No, Gallia has not gone but it has been reworked using the player requests for guidance, the changes will appear with next release.

As this is Discovery, you can discover the detail on release by actually exploring or by reading the change log, however the system reclassification is active as from now, below is the new listing that can be found in the Rules section.


  • Ile-de-France
  • Berry
  • Burgundy
  • Maine
  • Orleanais
  • Picardy
  • Anjou
  • Auvergne
  • Dauphine
  • Lorraine
  • Lyonnais

Gallic Borderworlds
  • Artois
  • Champagne
  • Corse
  • Franche-Comte
  • Languedoc
  • Provence
  • Savoie

Please note this list is for operation now, with the current existing systems.
If systems are removed this list will obviously shrink.

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