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  Drawcash passwords wiped
Posted by: Jansen - 10-31-2014 09:49 AM - Replies (28)

We have removed all /drawcash passwords as of this day, due to an extremely serious security leak that almost compromised the integrity of the server. Kudos to sindroms for finding and reporting that thing by the way. Our brave admin team has been dealing with it for the past 5 minutes to ensure that none of you lose any cash from your accounts, stopping various hackers, cheaters and phreakers from exploiting the gaping security hole that was open for a brief second. Be thankful.


In other news: It is a REALLY bad idea to put your /drawcash passwords on pastebin with the public setting enabled. Don't do that, we're not going to reset all /drawcash passwords again if that happens and if you lose money because other people know how to use the pastebin search feature - it will be an "oh well" situation.

- Blodo & Jansen

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  Coffee Lovers
Posted by: Garrett Jax - 10-31-2014 05:05 AM - Replies (42)

The Admins gathered together to discuss a way to introduce coffee to the community as a commodity. One suggestion was to build a prototype Core 10 Admin POB with a gazillion weapon platforms and offer it for sale there. The base would be open to all, but only the thickest of hulls would be able to reach its destination to purchase the warm aromatic brew.

Some of us decided that might be a bit too cruel. So, for a limited time only, coffee is available for purchase at the only logical place it could be sold (other than the Temple of the Damned), that is, Fort Bush. It will be made available for the all time low price of 199 credits per unit.

Where will you be able to sell it, you might ask? After giving careful thought to the matter, it has been decided that Java Station, in Tau 23, will purchase your coffee for 3727 credits per unit, minus whatever you might have drank on the way.

Hopefully, this commodity will open up some RP avenues, and depending on how it goes, Coffee could be on the menu in many more bases. No promises, though.

Enjoy, and have a warm cup of joe from the Staff.

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Posted by: Garrett Jax - 10-30-2014 02:40 AM - Replies (41)

The trial phase restricting Jumpdrives has ended. The restrictions we placed upon them can be found here.

The Admins have read the feedback concerning these restrictions. We have consulted with players in factions who would be affected by this change in both a positive and negative way. After considering all the ramifications, we have decided to keep the restrictions that have been placed on the Jumpdrives.

We realize this decision will be met with anger from certain corners of the community. However, pirate/trader/lawful interactions suffer with use of the jumpdrive. Most times, a group of traders will jump from one friendly system to another friendly system, without giving an opposing faction an opportunity to interact with them. As fun as that might be for the trading factions, it hurts the health of the server overall, eliminating opportunities for pirate factions, in the case of lawful traders, or police factions, in the case of smugglers.

Although the decision regarding Jumpdrives has been made, we will continue to look for opportunities to make improvements regarding them going forward.

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  Mining and Humboldt
Posted by: Ktayn - 10-12-2014 01:15 AM - Replies (25)

You can now mine silver ore in Humboldt again. It is very shiny and should drop at a similar rate to Omega-7. Prices have been adjusted nearby on California Minor (3720), Rochester (1860), and Ouray (1860), as well.

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