Discovery 4.87 - Download & Installation
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Discovery 4.87 - Download & Installation
Before you begin

You'll need clean Freelancer installation installed somewhere. This can be a unzipped copy or an install from the original CD.


Download the installation zip file, extract it somewhere and run the exe:
ModDB Link
Alternative Link


Do not install the GLS work around as this will cause problems. Discovery includes its own GLS system and you should be able to connect to most discovery servers without making any changes.

Discovery 4.86 uses its own installer instead of FLMM. The new installer will provide more convenient method of installation, especially for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users who have UAC (User Account Control) enabled. You should not run Freelancer or the installer as administrator

[Image: welcome.png]
Welcome screen.

[Image: freelancer-directory.png]
Locate Freelancer installation. Clean vanilla unmodified Freelancer installation!

[Image: components.png]
You can have optional bloom effect enabled at component list.

[Image: discovery-directory.png]
Tell installer where to install Discovery Mod.

Installer will do all magic from there on, merging vanilla files from your Freelancer installation and mod files. Your vanilla installation will be left unmodified.

p.s. Images in installer might change in release version.

The installer may report that some files fail the checksum. In most cases this can be ignored. Please report which file and the type of Freelancer distribution if this happens.

Running It

Find the Discovery Freelancer folder in the start menu and click on the "Discovery Freelancer" link. You may wish to copy this link to your desktop.

Screen Support

The widescreen support remains similar to the most recent DSAce.dll. Specifically you need to either specify a resolution using the -dWxH where W is the screen width and H the screen height or by using the -dx option.

Pressing alt-enter will change you from full screen to windowed mode and back.

Also note that the Freelancer screen will continue to run if you are using it in windowed mode. This differs from the vanilla Freelancer where the screen would not update.

Other notes

Please feel free to report content to improve these installation instructions.

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