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[Image: dae8kp0-2bfb0a4a-aa7b-4a90-9689-9fc8ae20...bw2BlI4v34]

General Informations:

[Image: ddua4hu-0d874e33-03f2-4de7-939c-2acb2895...Dd3ERtuwTc]

Set just 10k distant of the beautiful Planet Curacao in the Cortez system, Gateway Shipping' Inc.'s newest expansion, Oceana Shipping Platform, is ready to begin business operations.

[Image: ddu0gh1-7c48854d-909b-4a02-8f9b-5aced49b...lIUS7uhmP8]


Our goal is to help make Cortez a primary shipping and commercial center between Liberty, Bretonia, as well as the Taus and other Border worlds as well. A place where traders can buy and sell a wide variety a goods that might otherwise be in markets unavailable to them. We believe in the legal and free market !

Special Thanks:

Gateway would like to personally thank the brave men and women of the Independent Miners Guild, ALG, Planetform, Platinum Inc, the Colonial Movers, the brave men and women of the Bretonian Armed Forces and Liberty Navy, and all others who have assisted us in getting things up and running!

[Image: ddu9wd3-612252d9-ad7f-4ef0-a149-10a0cbbd...G9ojIbosxE]

[Image: ddu4qqo-7ae0f23b-a5f9-45bb-b795-5adb9015...SC0kYmMU1U]

Cloak Disruptor General Informations:

Vessels equipped with a Cloak Disruptor will be able to uncloak nearby cloaked ships. The range of the Cloak Disruptor depends on the type.
(// Usage: By typing /disruptor or by setting a key ( Options > Multiplayer .tab > Cloak Disruptor ON/OFF )).

Cloak Disruptor Type 1
Range: 3k
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Cargo Requirement: 10
Hardpoint Mount: Snubs, Transports, Gunboats

Cloak Disruptor Type 2
Range: 6k
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Cargo Requirement: 200
Hardpoint Mount: Destroyers, Cruisers and Battlecruisers

Cloak Disruptor Type 3
Range: 9k
Cooldown: 90 seconds
Cargo Requirement: 450
Hardpoint Mount: Battleships, Carriers and Dreadnoughts

Sales policy:

In the case of mass production the transport division of Gateway Shipping Inc. (GSV) and the authorized companies acquire and deliver the required materials. Each construction materials had a specific purchase price according to market conditions, exceptions are "Vis Maior" cases (following official notifications).

If a unique, individual order is received and accepted by the Director for the construction of a Cloak Disruptor, in that case it is possible for the customer to deliver the desired construction materials or even to supply the entire demand. In the case of individual orders, the individual selling price of Cloak Disruptor is assessed by the Director.

Building Requirements:
20,000 units Iridium
20,000 units Reinforced Alloys
10,000 units Energy Field Equipment
10,000 units Super Alloys
10,000 units Tungsten
10,000 units Plasmonic Metamaterials
10,000 units Magnetic Superconductors

Estimated Selling Price (Mass Production): 300.000.000 Million Sirius Credit

[Image: ddu9wd3-612252d9-ad7f-4ef0-a149-10a0cbbd...G9ojIbosxE]

[Image: precious_metals_investment_by_hunorgateway-daly6yf.png]

Oceana Metals by Gateway Shipping Inc.:

Probably the most popular profit taking all around of Sirius. Oceana Shipping Platform are looking for any type of Ores / Metals imports and exports ! We are accepting any type of legal mining company partner of Gateway or trader transports with any type of metals and ores

[Image: gold_by_hunorgateway-dasyp66.png]

[Image: ddu9wd3-612252d9-ad7f-4ef0-a149-10a0cbbd...G9ojIbosxE]

[Image: liquor_central_logo_by_hunorgateway-dalydcm.png]

Liquor and Tobacco Company by Gateway Shipping Inc.:

The tobacco and alcohols have tradition for thousands of years. Popular and everlasting commodities which are important accessories in daily life. On Oceana Shipping Platform Gateway Shipping Inc. is offering the widest offer and the best commercial rates of these commodities. There is no limits and there is no embargo, Gateway Shipping Inc. accepts from all corner of Sirius the various house alcohols and tobacco/cigars imports and simultaneously we can offer the exports. All interested suppliers are welcome !

[Image: tobacco_by_hunorgateway-dasxdny.png]
[Image: ddu9wd3-612252d9-ad7f-4ef0-a149-10a0cbbd...G9ojIbosxE]


Various House Alcohols
Rare Exports From The All Corners Of Sirius
Precious Metals
All Manner Of Luxury Goods[/color]

Prices and availability are subject to market conditions. Continue to check here for updates!
[Image: ddu9wxp-edc0594f-3b78-48d6-a5f2-27028ce1...Qvrw4lZb78]

Oceana Shipping Platform is now fully open (Anyone Lawful can dock) buying and selling ores: Gold, Silver and Copper Ore are all available
Stock Updated on First Post
--- Congratulations in opening this base ---
--- Do se need permision to rock?...uhm? ---
Nope base is open to all that have a neutral/good rep with Gateway (NPC)
Hello , mr Ted Prescot Zoner from omegas here. I heard for your base and its bussines. IT is indeed good place to commence bussines and i was former OSC employee. I am planning to reestablish freeport base (after destruction in omega 15 cataclysm) , we are still survezing good spot in newly discovered omega 9 system to setttle , near rich mineral deposits. However we are to interested in other luxury commodity stuff and would work with you and OSC on supplies, as well ore supplies. We have barge supertranport but much depends of will we succed to acomodate its engines to hyperjump.

I have travelled all house space in Sirius and i must admit Your base is focus point of trading , and my base will be focus point of ore stockpiling . We can swap ore for luxuries. Our cooperatio when time comes can be most fruitfull enterprise since george Tinsley opened Barrier gate station in Coronado, harharhar ...

Best regards . Prescot out
Hello Mr Prescott, Gateway thanks you for making enquiries into our establishment. I am sorry to hear of your troubles within Omega 15, we heard something of a cataclysm taking place within the system but had no idea as to the full details of what happened.

Yes, it is true Oceana Shipping Platform has become a very busy trading hub being right in the center of the cross roads between Liberty and Bretonia. Predicting the rise in demand for imports into Bretonia what with the devastating war that is on-going, there was no way Kensington could have coped so Oceana was built to divert some of the Liberty traffic.

The majority of our imports tend to be Food, Medical Supplies and the like however we have also seen a demand for more luxury goods including various alcoholic drinks like Wine and Vodka.

Our main exports include various ores harvested from local systems and luxury goods manufactured within Bretonia these include Tea, Gin, Whiskey and other luxuries.

We are always interested in expanding our list of exported minerals: so any ores you may produce may be of great interest to us.
Can you please specify which ores it is that you manufacture?

Also I notice that you are planning to build a base to facilitate your mining operation in Omega 9! Gateway may be able to help you in respect to the construction of your base as we can provide the hauling power you require.

All the best,

-Bruno Gehard, Executive Officer
-Gateway Shipping Inc
Oceana is currently undergoing repairs, but will be back soon enough. So keep it here for updates from your favourite trading hub and ore wholesaler!




TARGET ID: Gateway Shipping

LOCATION: Freistadt Base, Omega - 7 (IMG base)

COMM ID: Matrim Cauthon (Freelance Trading Convoy Leader, And Unofficial Gateway Member)



As you may already know, one of the ships in my convoy was shot down earlier today, outside Oceana Shipping Platform. This ship was on a routine trading mission from Freistadt base, hauling 4,900 units of silver, and was destroyed shortly after attempting to dock. The shipment was destroyed as well. It is in our best interests to keep your bases supplied, and I do realize that I should have contacted you before sending a shipment, but destroying an innocent trader whilst he was defending your base from pirates is unacceptable. If this was an malfunction of your installation's defense platforms, please fix them immediately. However, if you intentionally shot our transport down, I will have to report you to the authorities, and have your base removed from the system. Or at the very least, given a very bad reputation.

Please reply with haste.



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