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Currently, we have a setup for under cover agents. The naming convention is Mr or Ms, namename, and the ID and IF are both freelancer.

Ive been thinking about this.

It inst very fun to just fly around with no challenge. Its kinda power-gamy too, having a freelancer ID and a generic name, yet being able to gather as much intel as practically possible in freelancer. That's not giving our opponents much of a hint as to who to look out for.

You can find the full information about our under cover agents in our faction creation request as well as the setup and loadout here:

Now, I have been thinking.

What if, instead of Using the freelancer ID/IFF and remaining practically unnoticed, we used the BDM ID and freelancer IFF instead?

This presents me with a delima, as there are some people who scan an ID, and go straight to engagigub!

These guys would most likely be like how we treat wild; the ID being an oorp thing there to give a hint to counter intelligence as to what the freelancer is really there for, as well as to open opportunities for RP interaction of an interesting nature.

I would like to know if the community would approve of us using the BDM ID as a oorp means to alert people to the true nature of our ships. I would also like to ask if they would be willing to play along with us, and treat us as though we were freelancers unless our cover is blown.

I am especially interested in what the factions of Liberty and Bretonia think about this.

So ye, fire away.

But don't take the latter to heart. It's irrelevant since the forum =/= Discovery's entire population. Won't work out.
I think the BDM ID and Freelancer IFF would afford the best balance between stealth and faction loyalty

It'd also present an opportunity for people who might put together clues and then attempt to arrest and interrogate you.

Either way, having a BDM ID would definitely add tension to the situation.
This is something actually that I wanted to make with Order house agents, FL IFF Order ID, civ equipment, but gave up eventually as Order ID has lot's of rep ninjas so you end up being shot by everything, but in theory it is nice idea.
Anyway, you can try and see ingame reactions, as many times things don't turn out ingame as it was said on forums.
Alternative is to take the 'incompetent spy' route while using the FL ID and IFF. Use the most stereotypical Bret/Libertonian name you can think of, and put on the thickest Rhienland accent possible. Deny everything, of course.
Go for Freelancer/Merc like Order actualy do. BDM ID have some rephacks that might prove to be difficult to role-play with.
My feeling on this is simple.

I feel that a spy should use the faction ID of the faction he is infiltrating.

so, for example, the BAF

he should also get the tag.


Simple, the FL of the BDM comes to the leader of the BAF and asks, "Can I have a spy?"

we agree that there are some limits, negotiate a little, and set a Start date and an End date for the spy RP.

These agreements are important to immersive RP.

I have already granted two such deals to two separate factions. And it works well.
Civilian ships, freelancer iffs no tags but bdm ids. So you can have both- good spy does not need to go in the 4k scanning range.

Your faction request doesn't list the Freelancer ID as a secondary/specialized ID. So, until the admins say you can use it well... you can't use it. If you're doing it already you're kinda breaking the rules. Just saying...

More info here:

As for your actual question, I think a BDM ID with no IFF (or a generic one) would be the best way to go. As you said, having a FL ID'd char running around Sirius with no restrictions is a bit meh and it might lead to controversies (remember the [FL] dudes used by RM to FR5 people?)
Sack in the day, we were ordered to NOT have freelancer ID's when we were doing spy roleplay. I'm not sure if it was from an admin, but the faction leader told us specifically to not use them. And we were using freelancer ones for weeks. I'm not aware of any admin decision that supported this change, since we were using all possible options to cover our backs.

However - MND ID doesn't have a rephack, so why bother?

Ps: Or does it?
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