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Looking for PoB owners - Bellepheron - 01-18-2018

I am a small time miner equipped with an IMG miner and a Large Gateway Transporter. Just trying to keep my small company afloat and my family fed. I enjoy mining but feel that I do not have the time to dedicate myself to a faction however I would like to support one if any are looking for smaller companies to allign with..
While I am happy with mining my small loads and transporting them to those bases that offer a good return what I seek is an alliance with faction or independant base owners that are located near mining zones where I can dump my ore until I can fill my transport maximising my trips.
Such an alliance could be benificial to both parties as I would be willing to pay rent for such an arrangement or transport back to base those commodities needed by that base to increase its functionality. Any return load could be free of charge to the base owner, depending upon the commodity but I am will to negotiate any deal the base owner would offer.
I know most of Sirius and my aim is to become more proficient before I am forced to retire. ( Too many injuries sustained in combat in my younger days).
Of course special arrangements would have to be negotiated regarding the sell/buy cost of my ore at an interested parties base but I am open to dialogue.
I have always stayed within the law and I do know how to avoid unlawfulls. I traded in my cambat vessel when I was medically discharged from the BAF.