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Queen Carina's Privateers (QCP)
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Queen Carina's Privateers (QCP)
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Queen Carina's Most Diligent Interdiction Wing, more commonly known as Queen Carina's Privateers, are the controversial brainchild of Sir Andrew Stuart, a roguish Bretonian Armed Forces Admiral gone renegade with his band of extremely patriotic scoundrels.

They came to be thanks to Stuart's treatise on interdicting hostile trade as a means of crippling their wartime production and generating much needed income. Thanks to this idea, inspired by historical pirates and privateers, he and his men were granted Letters of Marque, to enable them to, effectively, get away with robbing people, so long as they were assisting the forces of the Crown.

This rapidly brought much in the way of accusations of war-crimes, vehemently denied by the Privateers, who state that it is better to defeat a foe's economy than to slaughter millions of conscripts. The Kusari government, of course, cared little for this claim (be it true or false), made by these Bretonian pirates.

They would attempt to use political leverage with Liberty and Rheinland to hurt Bretonia thanks to these terribly effective thieves, who are potentially the most hated men and women in Kusari, in spite of being much loved by Bretonians of all stripes, be they the poor workers seeing them stealing from rich Kusari corporations and use the proceeds to mock them by spending some of their ill gotten gains on assisting the defence of Leeds and Harris, or be they the privileged elite, who often see them as romantic dashing heroes, much like in the period dramas about pirates that flood the NeuralNet.

Due to the condemnation of their illegal actions, the Bretonian Government had to distance themselves from the Privateers, at least in the public eye. They were cast out, operating from remote bases, such as the BMM Gate Construction Site in Tau 23, and often turning up at Trafalgar Station, the Junker base in New London, to fence goods stolen from their mutual enemy, the Kusari.

Thankfully, the Bretonian Police Authority and the Bretonian Armed Forces could not arrest them. After all, they had not committed any offence against the Crown. They just couldn't associate with them.

This allowed the formerly official Bretonian Armed Forces Interdiction Wing to use its own initiative more, to do controversial things which they believed would aid Bretonia. They are now believed to associate with Junkers quite regularly, as well as Golden Chrysanthemums. There are even unsubstantiated rumours that they have been attempting to get the Mollys to assist in driving the Corsairs from the Omegas. They have also attempted to stir up trouble with the Zoners, who have let Corsairs enter Bretonia through the back door. They call their robbery of the Zoners a 'taste of their own neutral medicine'.

Interestingly, in spite of being seen to be a criminal element, Sir Andrew seems to hand-pick his team extremely well, such as the reliable Fortunatus Wright, who led the Privateers whilst Andy spent a period in prison as a part of a government public relations stunt.

They are largely greedy, thieving bastards, out to make a dishonest credit, but in spite of this penchant for picking the scum of Bretonia, he has developed a knack for picking the most loyal dirtbags his home has to offer, making them go through the same tests and trials that it takes to enter the illustrious Bretonian Armed Forces Guard, who are known for defending the most sensitive military installations, and being responsible for the safety of the Queen herself.

Despite the fact that Sir Andrew Stuart and his loyal ship have been missing in action, the Privateers havent given up. The have redoubled their efforts growing in strength and in tenacity under new leadership.

When Gallia invaded the Taus, the nature of the war changed, but the privateers did not. Abandoning the fight (if not the animosity) against Kusari, the privateers continued to haunt the Taus and extended their strikes into the unknown space of Gallia. Like before, the privateers fought with any means they deemed necessary. New pilots continued to join, from any background so long as they were loyal enough for the Wing to take on.

An incident between the privateers and the IMG sparked an open declaration of the privateers as criminals within Bretonia. However, thanks to the privateers’ actions again the Gallic Royalists, newfound friends and operating partners in the reshuffled BIS and some covert talks with the IMG, the privateers have to returned to Bretonia as a legal, if not wholly accepted entity.

At present, Privateers can be found across the Taus and Omegas, doing immense damage to the economy of Her Majesty's foes, be it via piracy and extortion or be it via fraud, such as their now legendary sale of non-existent destroyers to Kusari gentlemen. They may also be found flying sorties into Gallic space, or you might just see one following a Samura or Kishiro transport full of Gallic goods back to the old hunting grounds in Kusari. When not alone, the privateers have been gathering friends, working with the BIS and others to begin plans for combined operations against the Gallic foe.

Love them or hate them, be their pilots scoundrels or heroes, the Privateers are known to make things interesting wherever they fly.

Current Diplomacy


Bretonian Armed Forces
Bretonia Intelligence Service


Borderworlds Exports
Bretonian Police Authority
Gateway Shipping
Golden Chrysanthemums
Planetform Incorporated
The Council
Any vessel, regardless of colours flown who will assist against the most pressing enemy (Gallics and Corsairs)


Colonial Remnant
Gallic Brigands
Independent Miner’s Guild
Liberty Navy


Blood Dragons
Bounty Hunters
Gas Miners Guild
Kusari Exiles
Libertonian Corporations
Rheinland Corporations


Farmers' Alliance
Kusari Naval Forces
Kusari State Police

At War:

Gallic Corporations
Gallic Royal Navy
Gallic Police
All other vessels, regardless of colours flown who assist Gallic Royalist or their lackeys

Largely Unknown or Situational:

Gallic Junkers
Union Corse
Others Not Named

Colours Flown

Ships are tagged 'QCP|Pilot's.Name'. Gunboats and transports are tagged QCP|HMS-Ship.Name.
They use Bretonian Armed Forces tags and Bretonian Privateer IDs.

Equipment Used

The QCP use a mixture of Bretonian and civilian equipment. They have a lot of Bretonian vessels left over from their time as an official arm of the Bretonian Armed Forces, but most new vessels tend to be bought from sympathetic civilians with their own, stolen, money. They appear to use Bretonian weapons exclusively, it being easier to slip a few guns off-world than it is to sneak a ship to them.

In some rare cases privateers will also be fitted with technology from their friends. This would most commonly be a Junker ship, or some Junker fitted mods given to the privateers in hopes of assisting the struggle against Gallia.


If you would like to join the Privateers, please take a look at this Communication Channel

Leadership At Present Day:

The Queen Carina's Privateers are overseen by the Bretonian Armed Forces High command. Most of the High Command have their hands tied up with their own fleets in the Defense of Bretonia against the Gallic scums or from any other unwanted forces. So this meant that the unfortunate job of supervising the Privateers was given to Commodore James Norrington. He oversees the Privateers and makes sure that the Captains of each crew were doing their jobs correctly and he imposes sanctions on crews that have gone rouge or have committed a crime against Bertonia. Commodore James Norrington is also given the task of finding new Privateers to join up into the Ranks of the Queen Carina's Privateers. He often attends Court Cases that involve notorious pirates to try and force them to join the Privateers.

Following the traditional Privateer and Pirate way of life, the Privateers have absorbed the Pirate ranking system. There are multiple Crews out there that work for themselves and themselves only. Each crew has their own ranking system. Leading the Crews are the Captain. These are in charge of the Crew and He or She can only be overthrown via Mutiny. The Captain then chooses his First mate. The First Mate acts as the 2nd In command of the crew. He or She only answers to the captain and when the Captain is not present, he takes command of his crew. The Captain will also chooses his own Quartermaster. This person is in charge of outfitting each new member of the crew and he is also in charge of maintaining the ships and keeping the ships flyable.

Each crew fly on their own. They are all Rival crews that only care about themselves. As far as they are concerned other crews can rot in hell. If news about a large convoy is heard, crews would race there to find the convoy and pirate it first before anyone else could get there. It is heard that Queen Carina's Privateer crews often fight each other to try and secure the loot.

Detailed Diplomacy Notes for any Privateer:

BAF: Plain and simple: don't bite the hand that feeds you. Ok? Good.

BIS: Our closest working partners in Bretonia. These guys gave us redemption and brought us back into the fold with the Admiralty. It was done quietly so we can continue our independent mission, but now we are no longer outright criminals at home. Yeah, they are a bunch of spooks who seem to know more than they should, but as long as they watch our behinds this is all the better for us. Help their agents, work together, burn Gallics and Corsairs. Our, and be sure to out-fly those "elite" Black Guard any chance you get.

BPA: Some will give you a praising salute, the next might try to throw you in the brig. Loophole your way out of any tricky situation. Privateers are heroes in Bretonia, not common criminals. The law might not always be fond of us, but we've always been the Queen's loyal pilots. If the BPA give you trouble, keep in mind that your business in Bretonia is perfectly lawful (as it should be). Oh, and if things get too rough file a complaint. The BIS is generally very willing to help.

Bretonian Corporations: Don't pirate and help them out! If the captain is nice, you might get a tip!

Colonial Remnant: These folks used to be our primary foe back when The IMG was fair game to us (they are not now, don't think of aimlessly harassing IMG). But the times have changed, and the Gallics have become the true foe of the land. Our relationship is complicated. On one hand they hate Outcasts, on the other hand they hate Gallia. But the privateers hate neither the Outcasts, nor the CR, so feel welcome to treat the CR as allies until outcasts show up. You are ordered not to get into a catfight between CR and outcasts. Just leave calmly--shifts over, or go take a bathroom break above the plane. (CR is considered neutral-friendly)

The Council: The main Gallic opposition to the Royalist Government of Gallia. These guys don't like pirating, but they do like shooting the Gallic Navy. They also enjoy turning a blind eye to the loot we steal from unsuspecting Gallic transports. On top of that, they've opened their bases for our use and even introduced us to their new home base in Rousillon. The Council are our new and finest friends in this hour. They take care of our pilots and offer us refuge while we can do the wetwork they aren't inclined to personally. A complete win-win.

Gallic Brigands: The largest outrightly criminal element fighting the Gallic Royalist. Like the GC in Kusari, we share a keen interest in procuring goods and blowing up the same people. Unlike the GC in Kusari, the brigands are not a bunch of warm, helpful, inviting and ultimately deadly ladies. The Brigands have opened some select spots for us to land in Gallia, and helped us with some maps of the core systems. But it's always been clear they expected results in return. Treat them well, and get along. But keep sharp, friend is a term still too remote here.

Golden Chrysanthemums: These Kusari ladies run the cardimine trade there and though we chaps perfer not to touch that stuff the GC have been very helpful to our cause. They've helped us capture loot from unsuspecting Samura and Kishiro transports and opened their station to us for our own rest and safety. Treat these ladies as any trusted ally deserves, and remember to wipe your feet on the welcome rug before you step inside.

Junkers: We've always got on well with these chaps, many of whom are Bretonian themselves. They've given us places to offload the good we...ah...liberated. They hate the Hogosha, Kusari and the Gallics just about as much as we do. And they make good stuff and are always willing to clean up a scrap heap that wasn't there before we arrived. Don't underestimate the value of these friends. And if you do see a junker vessel assisting the Royalist, I'm sure the Congress would be very interested...

Outcasts: We are generally friendly to the Maltese because it works bloody well. We don't like Kusari, and we can't stand Gallia. They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and that's what the Outcasts are. Or at least that where it started. Since then, privateers and Outcasts have shed blood together in many a fracas, strengthening the friendship. Although the Outcasts do run the cardimine trade, it is most serious in liberty and not very profitable in Bretonia. Cardimine isn't our problem, let the BPA deal with anything that might require attention. The Outcasts are key friends, especially in Orkney where they may give us the opportunity to take refuge. Don't piss these folks off, because most of our work wouldn't be possible without them

Zoners: Just because they are Zoners, doesn't mean they can go supporting Gallia just like that. If you see them blatantly shipping for Gallia, make it very clear the QCP believes all Gallic Royalist goods are actually the property of the Privateers. Don't bother with Zoners minding their own business and not assisting the Crown's enemies. We need not make more targets for ourselves. (This goes for Freelancers and such too).

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