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Full Version: Mining Revamp Beta
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The Beta version of the mining revamp is complete after several hours of discussion between Teerin and myself about the goals and structure of the mining mod, and it incorporates previous feedback as well as many hours of further study of the overall structure of the mining mod in order to balance out many competing and sometimes conflicting factors. There have been many changes to sale destinations, fields, and faction involvement as a result.

The link above takes you to two spreadsheets. The "Pricing" sheet shows the sale destinations for mined commodities. The "Factions" sheet shows the schematic of the faction bonuses for each mined commodity.

There are two tiers of destinations: primary and secondary. The secondary locations provide either "loot sale" points or sale destinations for unlawful mining (with the exceptions of the ores in the Omicrons, which also have primary tier sale points). In no case will secondary tier sites have higher prices than primary tier points in the same region. It is the intent that every faction that has a mining bonus will have a sale destination that they can also dock with.

The travel times shown are calculated from the mining fields' nearest dockable base to the sale destinations, because I have a tool that produces a batch of travel times in under a minute, while the actual times from mine fields to various bases will eventually have to be calculated manually, one by one, and I am not going to begin that work until the current round of system changes are completed. So, the shown travel times are several hundred seconds short of actual times, but they provide a rough picture of the relative distances from mine fields to each destination. Eventual prices will roughly parallel this data. This has also greatly helped me establish sale destinations that are as close to each other in travel distance as possible.

Teerin provided me with a set of anticipated questions and answers that I am reproducing below:

- Why are those two ores at 75% or "Tier 1.75"?: They are secondary mining locations, which exist primarily for lore reasons. These retain their bonuses because they do not hamper trade balance.

- Why are there several with no bonus, dropping non-ores, "Tier 3"?: They are tertiary mining locations, which exist only for lore reasons. They cannot retain their bonuses because they do hamper trade balance.

- Why are the Inner and Outer Omicron ores ("Tier 2") at reduced mining multipliers (3 + 2 instead of 4 + 3)?: These are secondary ores, meant to fuel conflict between non-corporate factions and occasionally fill up time between roleplay and combat encounters.

- We're aware that the loss of Raw Hydrocarbons may not be optimal for Kishiro and Samura. Platinum-198 (now with better routes, since it's separated from Alberta) and Helium-3 should be sufficient as their main ores, plus there are now bonuses to Tau-23 for Samura.

- We're aware that Planetform has lost their Flourine bonus. They will be getting a proper bonus for Cryo Organisms to replace this.

Teerin and myself both welcome additional feedback about the results so far.
I would like to request the following:

  1. Addition of Chalons-en-Champagne Station (ew16_05_base) as a Primary purchaser of Military Salvage (commodity_military_salvage), a base located at a distance of 1504 seconds of travel time from the closest base to the field (iw01_02_base).
  2. Addition of Chalons-en-Champagne Station (ew16_05_base) as a Primary purchaser of Premium Scrap (commodity_premiumscrap), a base located at a distance of 1605 seconds of travel time from the closest base to the field (iw01_01_base).

Major part of Council's lore suggests our warfleet construction and maintenance relies heavily on salvaged materials sold to our bases and reused for our ships. I would like the above changes both to reflect this part of our lore as well as to create actual in-game traffic towards our bases providing further opportunities for activities and spontaneous roleplay both in-game and on the forums.

Thank you.
What're the exact credit/min or credit/s numbers you're using to calculate these?
Why do Outcasts have two primary commodities? Especially why do they have a primary bonus on Xeno Artifacts?
Uncut diamonds are being removed?

edit : nevermind, seems to be a mistake. You have sell points for uncut diamonds listed but it isnt in the factions section.
Do [TBH] still get x4 multiplier for Xeno relics ??
Why are Zoner and outcast primary for xeno relics??? (outcast already have cryo organisims as primary ) Sairs wont be happy with zoners getting a mining buff on their precious commodity, Actually sairs wont even be happy that zoners are taking their main source of income.
Why was the field location changed from the initial proposal omicron omega to omega xi ???? .
So far it looks good. Only questions is: What about the mining bases? For example Puerto Del Sol in Omicron Gamma.

And what about these commodities:
commodity_oxygen,            2.0,    *,              dsy_license_miner,           dsy_img_miner, dsy_ga_miner, dsy_gms_shf, dsy_gms_vhf, dsy_gms_lf, dsy_miner, dsy_somtaaw_fr, dsy_somtaaw_hf, dsy_somtaaw_lf, dsy_spatial, dsy_ecoturret, dsy_ecogun_lf, dsy_miningturret

commodity_water,             2.0,    *,              dsy_license_miner,           dsy_img_miner, dsy_ga_miner, dsy_gms_shf, dsy_gms_vhf, dsy_gms_lf, dsy_miner, dsy_somtaaw_fr, dsy_somtaaw_hf, dsy_somtaaw_lf, dsy_spatial, dsy_ecoturret, dsy_ecogun_lf, dsy_miningturret
I think the bonus should be increased. It is not like you can make fortune on these anyway.
A general push of Kusari mining activity to the sigmas is a pertinent choice, considering the withdrawal the corporations have faced in the Taus.
Can the field in Hokkaido for he-3 be reactivated, even with no bonuses? Or make it a h-fuel field like those tier 3.

Also, retaining the common alien organisms in Theta is a good decision.
(08-02-2017, 10:59 AM)Impyness Wrote: [ -> ]Uncut diamonds are being removed?

Quote:Primary commodity_uncut_diamonds Omega 11 5C bw04_01_base ga04_03_base Roanne Production Facility 1418

. . . etc . . .

nope .

Also , i support idea for additional Council sell destinations .

Everything else looks fine at first glance .
Would it be possible to have regular scrap as a commodity again, able to be mined in Texas and / or in New London at the large scrap field there?
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